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Tiger Sugar Dessert: Tiger Sugar Opens A Dessert Stall Serving Taro Lava And Mango Sago At Capitol Singapore

4th December 2019

Tiger Sugar Dessert at Capitol Singapore

Two drinks against a backdrop

Most of us will know Tiger Sugar as one of the best places to score brown sugar milk. Now, they’re adding a notch to their belt with their newest concept: Tiger Sugar Dessert.

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Specialising in Taiwanese desserts, the store will officially open on 6 December 2019 at Capitol Singapore. Here, you can indulge in concoctions boasting taro, mung beans, and mangoes amidst a bar-like ambience. There are only five signature desserts on the menu, most of which are made with specially sourced ingredients from Taiwan. 

Taro Drink

The Taiwan Taro Lava with Taro Pearl and Cream Mousse ($6.60) is a godsend for all the taro lovers out there. The dessert comprises taro paste that’s mixed with tapioca balls, and topped with cream mousse from Germany. I loved how potent the taro flavour was; you could even taste shredded taro in the blend. The pearls were free from the chalkiness that plagued most BBT shops, which was another thing I appreciated.

Mung Beans

The Roasted Mung Bean Soup with Golden QQ ($6) was my favourite dessert that day, and for good reason. Upon my first slurp, there was a burst of bitterness, akin to matcha, which was immediately overpowered by waves of sweetness.

We later found out that the roasted green beans were cooked multiple times, with more beans added in each step. As a result, the nutty and sweet flavours were extremely gao.

Red Bean Dessert

The Red Bean with Taiwan Black Sesame Rice Ball ($7.80) gives you a filling and nourishing treat with just four simple ingredients: tang yuan, black rice, sago, and azuki.

Sesame Tang Yuan

Robustness and sweetness made up the forefront of the flavour profiles here. As such, the tang yuan was a welcomed addition, with its sesame filling conferring spurts of nuttiness.

Mango Sago

Mango sago is my all-time favourite Chinese dessert, and I’m glad I can now have it on-the-go. The Fresh Mango with Golden Crystal and Creamy Sago Milk ($6.90) boasts an indulgent mango puree that’s sandwiched between a bed of sago milk and crystal jelly. It’s topped with cubes of fresh mangoes for an added richness. This is definitely one for those with a sweet tooth.


Decked out in space grey with splashes of granite and gold, Tiger Sugar Dessert’s design is a thing of beauty. Their chairs weren’t in when we arrived yesterday but once they are, you’ll be able to have a front-row seat as the staff prepare the desserts.

Most of the desserts we tried knocked it out of the park, and we’re certain the store will be popular amongst CBD folks once it opens on Friday, 6 December 2019. Heck, the aesthetic store has already been attracting loads of curious onlookers.

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Address: 13 Stamford Road, #B2-32, Capitol Singapore, Singapore 178905
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

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