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Tokyo Sweets – Bring Home This Adorable Animal Mochi On Your Next Bangkok Holiday

8th January 2019

Cute animal mochi from Tokyo Sweets

Tokyo Sweets Bangkok
Image credit:
Tokyo Sweets’ Facebook page

If you were once Airfrov-ing Phoenix Lava from Bangkok to Singapore, you will be pleased to know that there’s a new kawaii treat to bring home from the Land of Smiles. Called Tokyo Sweets, this dessert purveyor pushes out Japanese fusion treats.

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The best seller is none other than the baby white seal, which reminds me of that popular handphone cover with a squishy seal. Cut open this slab of kawaiiness to find azuki red bean within.

Tokyo Sweets Seal
Image credit: Tokyo Sweets’ Facebook page

The seals also come in purple, orange and pink, for those who like a pop of colour. And the flavours within are yam, Hokkaido melon and strawberry, respectively.

Tokyo Sweets Muddy Bear
Image credit: @thanapongota

Aside from seals, they have also launched a chocolate bear series. Featuring Muddy Bear and Dirty Bear, the former features milky hazelnut cream while the latter comprises rich, velvety chocolate.

Tastewise, the sticky mochi is said to be extremely soft, melting gently as you pop it into your mouth. While it is called Tokyo Sweets, it is anything but, as the sweetness leans towards the lighter side.

Tokyo Sweets Gift Box Set
Image credit: @pondpangpo

A single piece is priced at 79THB/~S$3.35, which is slightly expensive for Bangkok’s standard. So we recommend just going for the Gift Box Set, where you get five pieces at 395THB/~$16.73.

Tokyo Sweets Strawberry Daifuku
Image credit: @rolitaying

Aside from these cutesy bites, they also do a stellar ichigo daifuku. If you don’t know what an ichigo daifuku is, it’s essentially a soft and chewy mochi encasing fresh strawberry and a layer of sweet red bean paste, matcha or fresh cream.

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The ones from Tokyo Sweets feature premium USA Driscoll’s strawberry as well as soft Hokkaido milk for the mochi.

The sweets are conveniently found at places such as Siam Paragon, Emporium and Central World Isetan. And don’t fret if you didn’t manage to get a box before leaving the city, as they just opened a kiosk at Terminal 2 of Don Muang Airport!


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