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Legendary Union Farm Chee Pow Kai Is Back, Get Their Paper-Wrapped Chicken In Jurong East

20th December 2022

Union Farm Chee Pow Kai now sells paper-wrapped chicken in Jurong East

union farm chee pow kai - flatlay

Singapore in 1953 looked vastly different from what we know today, so it may come as a surprise to the younger ones among us that along Clementi Road, where SIM now stands, there used to be a chicken farm. Back in the day, it was known as Union Farm, later becoming known as Union Farm Eating House, up till the point they were forced to close in 2017.

union farm chee pow kai - storefront

Now in their second hawker stall iteration, after their lease in the previous coffeeshop wasn’t renewed, fans of their original Chicken Wrapped in Paper, AKA chee pow kai or paper-wrapped chicken, can breathe easy once again.

union farm chee pow kai - paper wrapped chicken

Unlike almost 70 years ago, where you could pick your live chicken from the coop for it to be slaughtered and prepared, the chee pow kai today is sold in small packets of chopped-up chicken leg.

union farm chee pow kai - paper wrapped chicken unwrapped

They’re sold in sets of five ($12), 10 ($24), 20 ($47), and 40 ($92) pieces, and you’ll have to pre-order them over the phone or on WhatsApp at least two days ahead.

union farm chee pow kai - paper wrapped chicken chopsticks

Each piece of chicken is marinated for several days according to the exact same recipe that they gained fame for, and hand-wrapped, before it’s deep-fried.

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union farm chee pow kai - paper wrapped chicken in chilli

If you’ve never tried it before, you’ll find it’s thoroughly flavourful, with a light sweetness. Have it with the accompanying chilli for some added tanginess.

union farm chee pow kai - noodles

There are two noodle options which you can have to accompany the chee pow kai: Egg Noodle w Oyster Sauce ($3/$8) or Bee Hoon w Oyster Sauce ($3/$8). If you find the chicken too rich, these are the perfect complement; they’re only dressed with a touch of sesame oil and the littlest bit of oyster sauce.

union farm chee pow kai - ngoh hiang

The menu at Union Farm Chee Pow Kai lists Quail ($8 each), but these are temporarily unavailable as they’re unable to get a supply of the birds. There’s also Cuttlefish Ball ($8), Cheese Chicken Ball ($10), and Fried Ngoh Hiang ($10), which we’re told is factory-made to Union Farm’s specifications. If you like, you can order Pig Trotter Vinegar ($13), a takeaway-only dish.

Located in the same coffeeshop is Gimme Face Noodle House, which serves modern bak chor mee, and New Teck Kee Chicken Rice.

Address: 267A Toh Guan Road, Singapore 601267
Opening hours: Thurs-Sun 11:30am to 4pm (or sold out)
Tel: 8282 8806
Union Farm Chee Pow Kai is not a halal-certified eatery

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Photos taken by Michelle P and edited by Tan Zi Hui.
This was an independent visit by Eatbook.sg

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