15 Vegetarian Food Places With Delivery Including Vegetarian Bibimbap, Pho And More
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15 Vegetarian Food Places With Delivery Including Vegetarian Bibimbap, Pho And More

16th June 2021

Vegetarian food delivery

The vegetarian food scene in Singapore is more dynamic than we think, with multiple cuisines ranging from hearty Korean fare to flavourful Indonesian food. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of vegetarian food places with delivery, including stalls that sell Korean army stew and Vietnamese pho.

1. Back To Basic Living

vegetarian food delivery - btb living
Image credit: @jx_veg_journal

Back To Basic Living believes in the nutritional value and sustainability of plant-based eating. This restaurant specialises in raw vegan food, made without any preservatives. What’s more, their menu is not only comprehensive but also inclusive, with options that are free of soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, and other allergens.

Comfort dishes include the Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese ($20.90) and Eccentric Veggies Taco ($16.90). The latter comes with two customisable sauces, with curry, kefir cheese, and guacamole to choose from. If you’re craving for Asian cuisine, there’s also the Zen Nepalese Vegetable Curry Set ($19.90), chock full of curried cauliflower and eggplant.

Delivery charges vary depending on location, though this fee is waived for orders above $85. Do note that you’ll have to pre-order their dishes at least four to five hours in advance.

Order from Back To Basic Living here!

2. Bodhi Deli

vegetarian food delivery - bodhi deli
Image credit: @jxeats

Fortune Centre is a treasure trove of plant-based options, with one of them being Bodhi Deli. Their menu is seriously affordable, where every dish costs below $5. Crowd favourites include the Ban Mian ($4), which you can opt for dry or in soup, and the Pumpkin Porridge ($3.50), which is said to be creamy and filling.

Delivery for their vegetarian food is charged at $6, and this fee is waived for orders above $60. Do note that you’ll have to order at least one day in advance.

Order from Bodhi Deli here!

3. Pine Tree Cafe

vegetarian food delivery - pine tree cafe
Image credit: @veggietheexplorer

Pine Tree Cafe has been around since the ‘70s, offering hearty vegetarian food that’s available for delivery during this period. Here, you can expect local dishes such as Yong Tau Foo (from $5) and Veg Nasi Lemak ($5). The former comes with options of rice, noodles, bee hoon, kway teow, mee kia, and mee pok for the carbs. For something a little more different, there’s also the Black Pepper Udon ($5) and Sambal Petai Fried Rice ($6).

The delivery here costs $5, with a minimum order of $30. Simply WhatsApp to 9656 3301 to order!

4. Warung Ijo

Image credit: @rendy.anthony

If you’re craving Indonesian cuisine, consider Warung Ijo, a restaurant at Beach Road that specialises in vegetarian Indonesian food. They’re best known for their Nasi Lemak Rendang (from $11.90), served with lion mane mushroom rendang, veggie fritters, egg, long beans, and a house-made chilli sauce. If noodles are your preferred carb, try the Satay Beehoon ($9.90), which comes with vegetarian satay and kang kong, then blanketed in a savoury-sweet peanut sauce. 

Islandwide delivery is available, charged at $8, with a minimum order of $40.

Order from Warung Ijo here!

5. Saute-san

Image credit: @veggventures

Saute-san is a popular fusion spot amongst vegetarians, made better by the fact that they’re halal-certified. Their menu is immensely comprehensive, covering Western, Japanese, Korean, and local cuisines. 

They’re famous for their Orh Luak (from $13.90), made with egg and straw mushrooms, then served with their house-made chilli sauce. If you’d like a vegan alternative, they can replace the egg with tofu at your request. Other crowd favourites include the Basil Cashew Pesto Pasta (from $13.90) and Shoyu Soup Udon ($13.90)

Here, delivery is charged according to distance, with a minimum order of $40.

Order from Saute-san here!

6. Real Food

vegetarian food delivery - real foodImage credit: @cheriethefruit

Real Food prides itself on its nutritious and inclusive menu, with options that cater to every kind of diner, made using fresh and organic ingredients. If you’re craving for a hearty brunch, consider their All-Day Breakfast menu, which includes a Veggie Omelette ($11.90) that’s served with gluten-free cheese toast, as well as Sweet Pumpkin Pancakes ($11.80) for a sugary finish to your meal. Meanwhile, if you’d like something Asian, consider the Organic ‘Belachan’ Fried Rice ($10.80), which features a house-made belacan sauce made from fermented organic soy. 

Here, islandwide delivery is available at a flat rate of $10, with a minimum order of $50. This fee is waived for orders above $80. Simply drop a text on WhatsApp at 9088 4516 at least two hours in advance to make your order!

Check out Real Food’s menu here!

7. Nature Vegetarian Delights

vegetarian food delivery - nature veg delightImage credit: @baitobento

Established in 2003 is Nature Vegetarian Delights, an eatery tucked away in Upper Serangoon that specialises in local vegetarian fare.  Their Mala Xiang Guo ($18) comes highly recommended, made with monkey head mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, lotus root, vegetarian sausage, and more! There’s also the Stir Fried Yam Abacus ($6), a delicious Hakka delicacy that’s rarely seen today.

Here, the delivery fee depends on location, and you’ll need to make a minimum order of $35.

Order from Nature Vegetarian Delights here!

8. The Boneless Kitchen

vegetarian food delivery - boneless kitchenImage credit: @jiakzeh

One of my personal favourites, The Boneless Kitchen is a restaurant best known for its vegetarian Korean fare. I especially love their Budae Jigae ($9.90), which is full of enoki mushrooms, tofu, kimchi, vegetarian sausages, and QQ ramen noodles. Be sure to get their Kimchi Bulgogi Fries ($11.90) on the side too, drizzled with mayonnaise for a creamy finish. Here, do note that delivery fees and minimum orders all vary according to distance. 

Order from The Boneless Kitchen here!

9. SoFood

vegetarian food delivery - sofoodImage credit: @zehbeehoon

Hidden away in the Northeast is SoFood, offering Asian fusion dishes and local vegetarian delights to the masses. An interesting dish to try out would be their Truffle Avocado Fried Rice ($12.50), made with creamy avocado chunks, fried egg, and truffle oil. If not, their Curry Katsu Rice ($11.50) comes highly recommended, with crispy vegetarian katsu cutlet, and potato and carrot cubes steeped in a house-made curry sauce.

Here, delivery fee varies depending on location, with a minimum order of $50.

Order from SoFood here!

10. nomVnom

Image credit: @healthyfoodlady

My favourite place for vegetarian burgers in Singapore would be nomVnom, where I especially love their QQ Cheezy ($10.90). This burger stars a crispy mushroom patty, dressed with cashew cream cheese. Apart from their burgers, nomVnom also offers delicious square crust pizzas, with interesting flavours such as Rendang Pizza ($18.60) and even MSW Durian Pizza ($23).

The delivery cost here varies depending on location, with a minimum order of $35. This fee is waived for orders above $80.

Order from nomVnom here!

11. VeganBurg

vegetarian food delivery - veganburgImage credit: @taroxtaco

Another spot for plant-based burgers in Singapore would be the perennial favourite, VeganBurg, the world’s first vegan burger eatery. Their burgers are made with farm-fresh ingredients that are also environmentally sustainable. Here, you can expect localised items such as the Chilli Krab Burg (from $11.90), dressed with a tangy chilli crab and creamy vegan aioli. Otherwise, their Cracked Mayo Burger (from $8.90) comes highly recommended, made with dairy-free cream sauce, mushrooms, lettuce, and a crispy vegan patty.

The delivery fee here varies depending on location, with a minimum order of $35.

Order from VeganBurg here!

12. Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight

vegetarian food delivery - lin lin veg delightImage credit: @linlinveg.delight

Situated within a coffee shop in Bedok is Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight, specialising in vegetarian zi char fare. Get an assortment of dishes to have with rice, including their Special Steamed Duck (from $18) and Claypot Assam Fish (from $12). Otherwise, they also offer single-portion mains, such as the Hokkien Prawn Noodle ($4.50) and Tom Yum Fried Rice ($5).

Here, there’s a minimum order of $30, and delivery charges vary according to distance.

Order from Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight here!

13. The Kind Bowl

Image credit: @tofuandvanilla

Vietnamese food is always a treat and you can get your fix at The Kind Bowl. One dish you’ll have to order is The Kind Pho ($9.80), with rice noodles, seitan, oyster mushrooms, and sprouts steeped in a lightly spiced, savoury broth. There’s also the Crazy Baguette A.K.A Banh Mi ($9.80), a classic Vietnamese baguette sandwich that’s loaded with seitan, pickles, herbs, mushroom pate, and their house-made Sriracha mayo.

To order, all you have to do is WhatsApp 9711 7572. Do make your orders at least three to four hours in advance. Delivery is charged at $15, though this fee is waived for orders above $65. The Kind Bowl is also available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Check out The Kind Bowl’s menu here!

14. Daily Green

vegetarian food delivery - daily greenImage credit: @veggiexplorer

Daily Green is a vegetarian eatery whose motto is to share the health benefits of plant-based eating, with multiple outlets peppered across the island. Their menu is very extensive, covering a wide range of local favourites, from Vegetarian Chicken Rice (from $5.20) to Vegetarian Lor Mee (from $5.20). If you’re looking for zi char-style fare, they also offer an assortment of dishes such as Black Pepper Chicken (from $13) and Tom Yum Soup (from $10.40)—all perfect to go with a bowl of Rice ($1.10).

This stall is available for delivery on GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo.

15. Vege Pot

vegetarian food delivery - vege potImage credit: @theherbivorefrog

Another gem for vegetarian food in Fortune Centre is Vege Pot. They cover a wide variety of cuisines, from the Korean Bibimbap ($7.90) to Thai Curry Veg Rice ($7.90). Meanwhile, if you prefer noodles over rice, consider the Penang ‘Prawn Mee’ Soup ($6.90), a vegetarian take on our local favourite hae mee. There’s also the Nonya Mala Noodle ($7.90), for spice-loving diners.

Delivery fee here varies according to distance, with a minimum order of $35. This fee is waived for orders above $75.

Order from Vege Pot here!

Vegetarian food places with delivery

We have curated a list of vegetarian food places with delivery that cater to every craving during the last leg of this stay-home period.

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Feature image adapted from @taroxtaco, @theherbivorefrog and @healthyfoodlady.

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