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Xiao Ge Ge: Dessert Store In Chinatown With XXL Mochi In Flavours Such As Taro And Durian

26th April 2023

Xiao Ge Ge is a mochi dessert kiosk in Chinatown

The past couple of years have seen mochi take Singapore by storm. You’ll now find mochi in all sorts of bakes and desserts, from buns to traditional tau sar piah, ice creams to layer cakes. If you love mochi and are on board with the QQ bandwagon, you’ll be happy to know of Xiao Ge Ge Snowball Mochi, a dessert kiosk in Chinatown that sells XXL mochi stuffed with flavoured creams and other trendy Taiwan-inspired desserts.


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Formerly an online store, Xiao Ge Ge Snowball Mochi soon expanded into its brick-and-mortar location along Banda Street, a quick walk from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The menu here boasts around 30 desserts, with its Snowball Mochi (from $3.60) being a bestseller.

These large mochi balls come with stretchy thin skin, and are packed with a cream-based filling. Some flavours include pieces of fruit. 

Image credit: @breadinosaur

A popular pick is their Purple Sweet Potato ($3.80) flavour, starring a sweet, earthy lilac cream that has threads of actual sweet potato within.

Their Mango ($4.30) mochi is one to try if you’re a whipped cream fan, as it is filled generously with fresh whipped cream and chunks of sweet mango. If you’re willing to splurge, get the Black Gold Musang King Durian ($7.20) mochi, loaded with a mousse-like MSW cream.

Other flavours include Taro ($4.50), Ferrero Rocher Chocolate ($4.50), Matcha Red Bean ($4.60) and plenty more.

Image credit: @xiaogegemochi

Xiao Ge Ge Snowball Mochi is also known for their box cakes. These are priced from $9.80, and come in a clear plastic box that feeds two.

Image credit: @xiaogegemochi

Each cake comprises layers of sponge, cream, and flavoured fillings. The Taro Purée ($9.80) pairs a light chiffon with creamy orh nee paste, great for fans of the traditional dessert. We also recommend the Purple Rice Taro Puree ($11.80), which combines the best of pulut hitam with orh nee.

The box cake also comes in classic flavours, such as Tiramisu ($13.80).

Image credit: @xiaogegemochi

Finally, the bakery has also caught attention online for their White Rabbit Roll (from $9). White rabbit chiffon is packed with a sweet cream, and a pudding centre, as well as bits of crushed Oreo. If you buy the whole cake, it comes wrapped just like a White Rabbit sweet.

Also, if you’re a fan of desserts with pork floss, the bakery has a handful of such options, ranging from buns to bakes. 

As everything is made fresh daily, swing by early to have your pick of the full range. Their bakes are preservative-free and lower in sugar, so they’re good for kids and the elderly too.

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Address: 5 Banda Street, #01-90, Singapore 050005
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 8pm
Tel: 9852 0727
Xiao Ge Ge is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Featured image adapted from @xiaogegemochi and @breadinosaur 

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