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Get Unique Peanut Butter Chee Cheong Fun At This Golden Mile Stall

18th April 2023

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun has chee cheong fun in Golden Mile


While chee cheong fun (CCF) isn’t exactly rare at hawker centres, few offer the authentic Hong Kong-style renditions of Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun.


The Golden Mile Food Centre stall only serves CCF, which comes in five different versions that are freshly made to order.


The most popular item on the menu is the Hong Kong Style Cheong Fun ($3.50), and rightly so. Fragrant peanut butter and sweet sauce are poured over silky rice noodles that are wound into slim rolls. The result is one of the more unique CCF experiences around, especially since you won’t see many stalls in Singapore offering this peanut butter version.


And then there’s the Youtiao Cheong Fun ($3.70), also known as zhaliang. For the uninitiated, zhaliang is a traditional dim sum dish from Hong Kong, consisting of you tiao sticks wrapped in rice noodles and covered in soy sauce dressing. It offers a delightful combination of crispiness, smoothness, and savoury flavours in every bite.


Xin Kee also offers your typical Char Siew Cheong Fun ($4), which has succulent barbecued pork bits inside the silky noodles, and Prawn Cheong Fun ($4.50), featuring juicy and sweet prawns within. And for those who want their CCF even more savoury, there’s the Chai Poh Cheong Fun ($3.50). There’s usually quite a generous amount of  ingredients in each CCF roll, which is why the stall has received rave reviews, too.

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Address: 505 Beach Road, #01-79, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8am to 3pm
Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Lynette Goh and Chew Yi En.
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