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7-Eleven Now Has Ondeh Ondeh Latte For A Limited Time Only

25th August 2022

Ondeh Ondeh Latte at 7-Eleven

7-eleven ondeh ondeh latte

August every year is when you’ll find the most locally-inspired riffs of popular snacks and drinks—this year is no different, even as we approach the end of the month. Wrapping up the month of National Day festivities is 7-Eleven with their all-new Ondeh Ondeh Latte series, that’s available in-stores for a limited time only.

7-eleven ondeh ondeh iced latte

The series stars three drinks: Iced Ondeh Ondeh Latte ($3.50), Hot Ondeh Ondeh Latte ($2.70), and Hot Ondeh Ondeh ($2.50), which is a coffee-free drink. You can get these from the 7CAFÉ dispensers at 7-Eleven outlets!

Where the local snack features a centre of gula melaka, this drink is said to be sweetened with brown sugar. If you order the Iced Ondeh Ondeh Latte, it comes in a clear plastic cup, with two distinct layers of green pandan-flavoured milk and coffee—made with 100% Arabica beans.

7-eleven ondeh ondeh hot latte

If you’d prefer your drink without coffee, the Hot Ondeh Ondeh is the option you should go for. It’s said to be thicker and richer, with a pronounced pandan flavour, and without being overwhelmingly sweet. If you missed Nutrisoy’s Ondeh Ondeh Soy Milk last year, this is your chance to make up for it.

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In the meantime, follow the official 7Eleven Singapore Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any of their launches.

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Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas and Chew Yi En.

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