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7-Eleven Collabs With Burgs To Launch Black Pepper Beef Burger, Has New Astons Meals Too

13th June 2023

Burgs burgers are now available at 7-Eleven stores

Homegrown burger chain Burgs, previously known as Burgs by Project Warung, has worked with 7-Eleven to launch a limited-time-only burger series! The two ready-to-eat burgers are available from now till 18 July 2023, across all 7-Eleven stores.


There’s the 7-Select x Burgs Black Pepper Beef Burger ($6.50), a classic sandwich for a quick meal. This comprises a single beef patty seasoned with black pepper, topped with pickled onion and cheese, and tucked between two fluffy brioche buns. To enjoy, simply peel open the packaging and warm it up in the microwave for slightly over a minute.


Each bun even comes with the brand logo stamped on top, just like how you’d get a regular Burgs burger at any of their other outlets.


The black pepper flavour is said to be strong, pairing well with the meaty beef patty, and the slightly sweet bread.

The second burger on the 7-Eleven menu is the 7-Select x Burgs Savoury Beef Bacon Burger ($6.20). This sees a beef bacon patty with shredded mozzarella and cheddar, and a fluffy egg omelette.


Besides these two new Burgs items, you’ll also find new ready-to-eat Andes by Astons mains available at 7-Eleven convenience stores.


There’s the Baked Herb Fish with Asparagus and Lemon Dill Sauce ($8), a light yet flavoursome meal featuring flaky fish paired with a creamy lemon butter sauce.


Alternatively, try the Baked Chicken with 2 Sauces (Creamy Garlic & Savoury Onion Sauce) with Fusilli ($7.00) for something a little heartier.


If you want something quick and fuss-free to grab and go, opt for the Shake Salad Breakfast ‘H.E.M’ (Ham. Egg. Mushroom) Wrap ($5).

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The aforementioned items are all halal-certified, so more people can enjoy them!

In other related news, Burgs has launched their new croissant burgers, available in flavours such as Bacon Beef Supreme and Hot Chick Supreme. Otherwise, if you’re looking for more great burgers to try, check out our full list of the best burgers in Singapore, including sub-$10 options.

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Photos taken by Rifdi Syahir.
This was a media drop by 7-Eleven. 

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