7-Eleven Has Halal Instant Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice, Mac And Cheese Wrap, Truffle Egg Burger And More
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7-Eleven Has Halal Instant Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice, Mac And Cheese Wrap, Cheesy Corn Onigiri And More

16th February 2022

7-Eleven instant chicken cutlet fried rice and more

When it comes to Din Tai Fung-style fried rice, we’re blessed with countless options: from the wok hei-heavy version at popular chain King of Fried Rice, to specialty hawker stalls such as Hong Style Fried Rice. Now, you can even get your daily serving of egg fried rice as an instant dish at 7-Eleven! The all-new Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice ($4.50) officially launched on 16 February 2022, alongside other new and exclusive instant meals that you can easily grab and go.

7-Eleven Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice (1)
Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

You don’t have to wait in line for your carb fix as this halal-certified fried rice is available across all 7-Eleven stores. It features breaded chicken cutlet, sliced for easy eating, sitting atop a bed of light and fluffy egg fried rice with bits of corn and spring onions.

7-eleven BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese Wrap (1)

Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

Also try the BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese Wrap ($3.60), the perfect carb-on-carb treat to fill you up on a busy day. Featuring cheesy pasta and popcorn chicken coated in a sweet BBQ sauce, the wrap makes for a convenient snack or quick lunch if you’re in a time crunch.

7-eleven Cheesy Ham and Corn Onigiri (1)

Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

There’s also a Cheesy Ham and Corn Onigiri ($2), a hearty snack comprising Japanese rice mixed with corn and creamy cheese, plus roasted ham in the middle. Do note that this is the only item on the new menu that isn’t halal-certified.

7-11 new items
Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

Those who want something soupy can try the convenience store’s range of Chinese-style noodles: Double Boiled Chicken La Mian ($4.30) and Dan Dan Mian ($4.50). Both items are also halal-certified, so more people can enjoy them.

7-Eleven Has Instant Dan Dan Mian And Double-Boiled Chicken La Mian From $3.20

If you prefer a cooked-to-order meal, satisfy your craving with these 11 pork chop fried rice stalls, or try a unique version of fried rice at Ah Five Hainanese Chicken Rice. Alternatively, head to IKEA for their limited-time-only menu, which includes Iberico pork dishes and locally inspired dishes!

11 Pork Chop Fried Rice That Are Just As Good As Din Tai Fung

Featured image adapted from 7-Eleven Singapore

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