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Beans.Factory: Popular Malaysian Beancurd Chain In Singapore With Yam Tau Huey And Shaved Ice

23rd November 2023

Beans.Factory is a popular dessert cafe from Malaysia

With close to 20 outlets across Malaysia, Beans.Factory has also found a home on our sunny island at The Woodleigh Mall and 100 AM. The popular dessert chain offers freshly made desserts, particularly the Tau Fu Fah AKA beancurd series. Even better, all dessert bowls are priced under $10 here!

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Beans-factory-black-sesame-shaved-ice (4)
Image credit: @iris.__.nihao

Their Red Bean Black Sesame Ice ($8.90) is a popular choice among patrons. It comes with a generous scoop of red beans, a pile of shaved black sesame ice, and taro balls decked in black to complement the black-themed dessert. Do note that the shaved ice here is on the milky side!

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Beans-factory-orh-nee-beancurd (1)
Image credit: @foodspo.koh

For something simple, we recommend their Yam Yam Tau Fu Fah ($5.90/$7.20) which can be eaten warm or cold. The unsweetened beancurd is said to be a great pairing with the smooth and thick orh nee.

Beans-factory-flatlay (3)

Else, mix and match your base and toppings to create a dessert bowl to your preference. There are seven different bases to choose from: Tau Fu Fah, Grass Jelly, Tau Fu Fah and Soya Shave Ice, Black Sesame Shave Ice, Soya Shave Ice, Mango Shave Ice, and Matcha Shave Ice

As for the toppings, there are more than 10 types to choose from, with the likes of Tangyuan, Black Pearl, Purple Rice, and Handmade Taro Paste. Finally, pick your sugar base from three options: sugar, brown sugar, and ginger syrup. 

Beans-factory-yam-beancurd-with-taro-balls (5)
Image credit: @cadsfoodiary

Another way to go about it is to get an item on the menu, and add more toppings of your choice. For instance, you can go for their Yam Yam on the Soya Ice ($9.80), and add Taro Balls (price TBD) for more chew and colours. 

Beans-factory-matcha-shaved-ice (6)
Image credit: @pingguo301

Not forgetting you matcha fans, there’s also the Red Beans Taro Matcha Ice ($8.90) that will tickle your fancy. 

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100 AM outlet
Address: 100 Tras Street, #01-13A, 100 AM, Singapore 079027
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 11am to 9:30pm, Fri-Sun 11am to 10pm

The Woodleigh Mall outlet
Address: 11 Bidadari Park Drive, B1-K43/K44, The Woodleigh Mall, Singapore 367803
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 10pm

Beans.Factory is not a halal-certified eatery but uses no pork or lard. 

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