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BreadTalk Has Rainbow Buns, Toasts, And Cakes From $4.50

2nd July 2020

Rainbow buns from BreadTalk

Image credit: BreadTalk

Our favourite homegrown bakery is back once again, with more baked goodies to put a smile across your face. If you’re someone who loves Instagram-worthy and delicious treats, you’re in luck as BreadTalk has just released their new rainbow buns and cakes, as well as value bundles for you to get more bang for your buck. 

Feast your eyes and satisfy your inner rainbow food obsession with BreadTalk’s Rainbow Delight toast at just $4.50. This humble loaf is made with natural extracts from fresh red dragon fruits, fresh spinach juice, beetroots, purple sweet potatoes, and carrots. 

Image credit: BreadTalk

Despite Phase Two happening at the moment, birthdays don’t have to be boring with the Rainbow Bliss cake that’s priced at $25.80. Indulge in a fruity combination of matcha ganache, raspberry rose, and mango pineapple coulis that is layered with vanilla and strawberry white chocolate cream. 

Image credit: BreadTalk

These colourful buns depict a modern twist on traditional bakes. Priced at $10, the Rainbow Joy comes in a set of six and has four surprise fillings: char siew, pumpkin, chocolate, and salted egg lava, with each representing happiness, hope, confidence, and comfort respectively.   

BreadTalk will also offer a range of value-for-money deals such as the Impossible Bundle ($9.60) that consists of two spicy Impossible Pepper buns, each paired with BreadTalk’s popular home-brewed soy milk. Alternatively, you can opt for the Superfoods Bundle ($13.80) if you are interested in a healthier assortment.  

Whether it is to surprise your family and friends during their birthdays or to simply enjoy a tea-time snack, there is something for everyone. So grab these delights at the nearest BreadTalk outlet or order them online! Also, do note that there is free delivery for orders above $30 and next-day delivery if you place your order by 10pm. 

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