25 Home Bakers Selling Unique Bakes With Matcha Chiffon Cake, Pineapple Tarts, Choux Pastries And More
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25 Home Bakers Selling Unique Bakes Such As Matcha Chiffon Cake, Pineapple Tarts, Choux Pastries And More

19th June 2020

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Update: Wheretoeattoday is permanently closed.

During this tumultuous stay-home period, folks around the world have sought solace in delicious and comforting food. Singaporeans, being natural-born foodies, also rely on food to fill up our bellies and hearts. Plenty of us have turned to desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth. Capitalising on this surge in demand for desserts and the abundance of stay-home time, many have turned to selling their homemade baked goods, all while spreading positivity throughout sunny Singapore. With that said, do support our local home bakers, and check out these 25 home bakers selling unique bakes with matcha chiffon cake, pineapple tarts, choux pastries and more.

1. Youkneadcakes

Home Bakers --15Image credit: @youkneadcakes

Youkneadcakes is a humble home bakery that sells comforting cakes, cookies, and biscuits. The home bakers specialise in Mini Pound Cakes, which go at $2.50 per piece. Flavours include lemon drizzle, orange chocolate marble, and banana. There is a minimum order of two cakes per flavour, and each box can fit up to six pound cakes.

Many also love their Chocolate Chunk Cookies ($2.50), which are touted as “better than your usual chocolate chip cookies”. Each hefty cookie is filled with a generous amount of gooey chocolate, then topped with sea salt. There is a minimum order of three cookies, and each box fits up to five cookies.

Deliveries are usually done on the weekends, and delivery fees range from $3 to $10 depending on location. Delivery is free for locations in Hougang, Serangoon, Kovan, Sengkang, and Buangkok! Alternatively, you can opt for self-collection at their humble abode at Hougang.

DM their Instagram page to order.

2. One.o.nepatisserie

Home Bakers --12Image credit: @one.o.nepatisserie

If you haven’t tried a matcha chiffon cake, you have got to check out One.o.nepatisserie. They are one of the very few home bakers to sell uniquely flavoured cakes and even artisanal sourdough bread. Their Matcha Chiffon ($29) is a huge favourite among many, and features Japanese matcha that’s infused into fluffy chiffon cake. Each slice exudes a rich and full-bodied taste, with subtle earthy tea notes. 

Massive sweet tooth lovers have to try their Pandan Gula ($29) chiffon cake, which consists of classic pandan chiffon that’s topped with a good amount of sinfully sweet gula melaka syrup and shavings. Best of all, this immensely sweet treat is finished with a generous amount of whipped cream for a satisfying, creamy touch. I reckon that this cake will offer a very satisfying cheat meal if you have been diligently doing your home workouts. 

Hit them up on their Carousell page and  Instagram page to order.

3. Soft Peaks 

Home Bakers --3Image credit: @softpeaks_bakery

Tiramisu fans can now get their tiramisu fix at Soft Peaks! This modest home bakery at Kovan specialises in Classic Mascarpone Tiramisu ($12.90 per box), which is available with either Kahlua or rum. The latter is suitable for customers who prefer a stronger alcohol flavour. Each tiramisu delight is carefully prepared with homemade ladyfingers that are dipped in coffee and your choice of alcohol, then layered with a creamy mascarpone mixture. To finish, the dessert is dusted with premium cocoa powder. 

There’s no minimum order, and delivery fees range from $6 to $10 depending on location. This fee is waived for orders above $60. Alternatively, you can opt for self-collection at Kovan.

WhatsApp 9115 7806 or DM their Instagram page to order 

4. Mon Cheri

Home Bakers --5Image credit: @moncheri_girikam

The aesthetically pleasing cakes by Mon Cheri definitely exude decadence. This home bakery is helmed by Girika, a skilled pastry chef who has worked in many notable restaurants such as Tiong Bahru Bakery, and La Dame de Pic by the famous Anne Sophie Pic who is regarded as one of the best female chefs in the world. 

Specialising in artisanal cakes and dessert cups, the home bakers have garnered a respectable following due to their delicious sweet treats and festive baked goods. Try their Lychee and Rose Chiffon Cake (from $45), which features light, moist chiffon cake that’s elevated with refreshing lychees and the floral sweetness of rose. To top off this summer treat, the cake is finished with vanilla Chantilly cream and seasonal fruits. 

Those looking to get into the Christmas mood early can try the Old Fashioned Truffles (from $20), which consist of cute truffle chocolates that incorporate whiskey and refreshing orange zest.

Vegan options are also available for all their sweet treats. Delivery fees range from $8 to $15. You can also opt to pick-up your orders at Woodleigh MRT Station. 

Call or WhatsApp 9271 0486 to order.
Check out their website and Instagram page for more information 

5. Cravings Cafe SG

Home Bakers --10Image credit: @cravingscafe_sg

Cravings Cafe SG is a Katong-based home bakery that specialises in cheesecakes, swiss rolls, and cookies. Their desserts are marketed as ‘less sweet’, suitable for customers that don’t fancy overwhelmingly sweet desserts. Try their Bitesize Oreo Cheesecake (3 for $5), which consists of rich, creamy cheesecake that’s zhnged up with chocolaty Oreo bits. The cheesecake’s petite size makes it easy to keep popping them into your mouths. 

Delivery fees range from $5 to $10 depending on location, and this fee would be waived for orders above $25. Same-day delivery is available.

WhatsApp 9116 5785 or DM their Instagram page to order.

6. Wheesk by Naj

Home Bakers --21Image credit: @wheeskbynaj

If you’re celebrating your birthday at home, Wheesk by Naj has got you covered. They offer a myriad of customised cakes and decorated cookies, the former can even be 3D-sculpted! Best of all, their goods are halal-certified. They even have luxe wedding cakes for any virtual weddings at home!

Those who prefer the standard cake flavours will be glad to hear that this home bakery does them pretty well, Their cakes come in red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate, and you can opt for either sponge cakes or butter cakes. Rest assured that the folks at Wheesk by Naj will do their best to fulfil any of your desired customisations. 

Note that delivery fees start from $15. If you prefer not to fork out additional cash for delivery, you can choose to meet the home bakers in Hougang to pick-up your goods in person.

Wheesk by Naj order form

7. Cookies Colony

Home Bakers --19Image credit: @cookiescolony

Receiving cookies from someone is sure to brighten up anyone’s day, and the ones made by Cookies Colony are cute and delicious. The home bakers don’t use preservatives in their homemade cookies, so be sure to consume them within three weeks! Try their Signature Butter Cookies ($21), which are delightfully crumbly and loaded with extra butter for a rich and buttery taste. 

Cheese lovers have to get a taste of their Parmesan Cookies with Cheddar ($25). It combines aged parmesan cheese with butter to give a smooth cheesy taste. For an extra bit of texture, each cookie is topped with baked chewy cheddar.

Save on delivery fees by collecting your orders at their Serangoon North location. If you prefer getting your orders delivered, there’s a flat $8 islandwide delivery fee. This fee would be waived if you purchase four or more jars of cookies. 

Get $5 off your orders with the promo code NEW5, with any purchase of two jars of cookies, and get $10 off your orders with NEW10, with any purchase of four jars of cookies.

Note that the home bakers only accept payment via PayNow, and remember to place your orders at least five days in advance.

Check out their website or DM their Instagram page to order.

8. Wheretoeatoday

Home Bakers --23Image credit: @wheretoeatoday

Basque burnt cheesecake is the next trendy dessert, and its recent craze has taken Singapore by storm. Many Singaporeans have taken a liking towards its rustic blackened top and custard-like cream cheese centre. Wheretoeatoday’s renditions of this highly raved dessert are unique and splendid, and are sure to satisfy your cheesecake cravings.

Fans of Bailey’s Irish Cream have to get a taste of their Drunk on Bailey’s ($48), which feature a six-inch sized burnt cheesecake that’s infused with the aromatic flavours of this classic Irish cream liqueur. Each bite is a harmonious marriage between the earthy sweetness of Bailey’s and the soft creaminess of cheesecake. 

Oreo lovers will enjoy their Oreo Cookie Monster ($34), which consists of bite-sized Oreo pieces that are nestled in a moist burnt cheesecake, then finished with a neat and crumbly Oreo base. 

There’s no minimum order, and there’s a flat $10 islandwide delivery fee. This fee would be waived for orders above $120. Do make your orders at least four days in advance.

DM their Instagram page to order.

9. Bread & Butter

Home Bakers --9Image credit: @breadandbutterbyxy

Bread & Butter specialises in a wide variety of baked goods, which include cookies, brownies, waffles, and even choux pastries! The home bakers pride themselves on only using premium and fresh ingredients, and their bakes do not contain preservatives.

Their muffins come in tantalising flavours such as Blueberry Streusel and Double Chocolate Oreo, and a bundle of four costs $12

If you’re feeling more atas, they also offer choux au craquelin, which is a crunchy pastry that has a creamy filling. Try their Original Choux Oreo Choux ($12 for four), which features a luscious Oreo filling that’s beautifully encapsulated by a buttery choux pastry exterior. 

They even offer uniquely-flavoured chiffon cakes that are priced at $12 each, such as Thai Milk Tea and Strawberry.

Weekly delivery and self-collection at their Yio Chu Kang location are done between 5 to 8pm every Thursday. Do remember to make your orders by Tuesday. Delivery fees are at $5 for locations in the North-East region of Singapore, and $8 for other locations. This fee would be waived for orders above $50. 

Bread & Butter order form
Bread & Butter’s menu

10. LittleVanilla

Home Bakers --11Image credit: @littlevanillasg

LittleVanilla sells a good variety of halal baked goods such as cakes and brownies, and many have raved about their Speculoos Cheesecake ($9 per tub/$17 for two tubs). Each tub is beautifully decorated with biscuits and Nutella swirls, and features luxurious cream cheese on a crumbly Biscoff biscuit base. 

The home bakers only deliver on weekends, and there’s a flat $10 delivery fee.

DM their Instagram page to order.

11. The Patio Baker

Home Bakers --17Image credit: @thapatiobaker

The Patio Baker offers a wide range of customisable cakes and bakes to satisfy any of your specific dessert needs. Their prices are not fixed, and depend on the type and complexity of the customisation. Be it a bubble tea cake that’s decorated with pearls or a decadent unicorn cake with a majestic golden horn, these home bakers will deliver. Note that they only accept orders via WhatsApp message, and do not accept orders via direct message to their Instagram page.

You can either choose to pick-up your baked goods at Dover, or opt for islandwide delivery. Delivery fees start from $20.

WhatsApp 9770 7074 to order
Check out their Instagram page for more information.

12. Cherstreats

Home Bakers -Image credit: @cherstreats

Newton-based home bakers Cherstreats proudly specialise in Mao Shan Wang Durian ($55 for nine-inch) and Lychee Martini ($50 for nine-inch) cakes. If alcohol isn’t your thing, you can opt for a non-alcoholic version of the latter. Durian lovers have to try their durian cake that’s made with premium Mao Shan Wang durian that’s known for its creamy sweetness. To bring out a stronger and deeper flavour profile, you should choose the alcohol version of their lychee martini cake. The lychee’s refreshing and pulpy sweetness thoroughly complements the alcohol’s full-bodied taste.

Delivery fees range from $8 to $15 depending on location.

Cherstreats order form
Check out their Instagram page for more information

13. Whites Bakery

Home Bakers --24Image credit: @whitesbakery

Whites Bakery is a popular home bakery that sells customisable cakes, mini tarts, macarons, and cupcakes. Try their macarons, which come in classic or premium flavours that go at $1.60 and $1.80 per macaron respectively. The Earl Grey Lavender is a classic flavour, and features the earthy complex taste of Earl Grey with subtle floral notes from lavender. Cookie butter lovers have to get a taste of the premium cookie butter flavour, which consists of smooth and creamy cookie butter filling. Remember to place your orders at least seven days in advance. 

Delivery fees range from $6 to $12. If you prefer not to splurge on the high delivery fees, you can collect your items at Kaki Bukit MRT Station or 607 Bedok Reservoir Road.

DM their Instagram page to order.

14. Sgdreamhearts

Home Bakers --22Image credit: @sgdreamhearts

Sgdreamhearts sells uniquely designed pineapple tarts that are handmade daily. Each pineapple tart features refreshingly sweet pineapple filling that’s encapsulated by a buttery pastry exterior. They come in cute designs that are sure to make any pastry lover swoon, namely Fortune Cat ($18 for a box of eight) and Smiley ($16 for a box of 18)

Delivery fees range from $4 to $6 depending on location. Purchase two or more boxes of their goodies to enjoy free delivery.

DM their Instagram page to order.
Check out the full menu on their website.

15. Lee Eng’s Bakery

Home Bakers --13Image credit: @lee.engs.bakery

Though the folks at Lee Eng’s Bakery usually bake for their family and friends, they also accept the occasional orders to spread the love for their delicious baked goods to the masses. Their cakes are one of their most popular menu items, and prices start from $58 for the six-inch round cakes. Extra charges apply for themed cakes. Try their Fresh Fruit Sponges in Chantilly Cream, which consists of fluffy sponge cake that’s decorated with a myriad of colourful fruits and a generous amount of Chantilly cream.

There is a flat $10 delivery fee to central Singapore, and islandwide delivery fees depend on location. 

DM their Instagram page to order. 

16. Twice Croissants

Home Bakers --6Image credit: @twicecroissants

Twice Croissants specialises in twice-baked croissants, which are made by baking day-old croissants once more. This super popular home bakery is the brainchild of three young ladies, who wanted to raise awareness for the practice of re-purposing day-old croissants instead of throwing them out, which helps to minimise food wastage. 

Their twice-baked croissants come in a few unique flavours, such as Lemon Meringue Pie and Pina Colada. The latter features rum-infused coconut frangipane and pineapple cheesecake encased by a buttery pastry exterior. It’s then topped with pineapple jam and toasted coconut for an extra tropical touch. 

The home bakers operate on a bake sale basis, so watch their Instagram posts like a hawk to find out when’s the next one. Their items get sold out pretty fast, so fastest fingers win! Also, their menu items and prices vary with each bake sale.

There’s no minimum order, and delivery fees range from $5 to $8. This fee would be waived for orders above $50.

DM their Instagram page to order.

17. The Cocoa Spatula

Home Bakers --4Image credit: @thecocoaspatula

Chocolate fans will love The Cocoa Spatula’s chocolatey sweet treats. With chocolate confections, cakes, cookies, and brownies, y’all will be spoilt for choice! Their Chocolate Cake ($35/$45) is a massive hit among their chocolate-loving customers. It features rich dark chocolate ganache within fluffy and moist chocolate sponge cake. 

Another menu item that caught my eye was their Hojicha Brownie ($18 for a box of 12), which consists of roasted green tea infused brownies. This brownie was definitely addictive, and I could make out the bittersweet taste and earthy aroma of hojicha in every bite.

Aside from Mondays, self-collection is available daily from 12pm to 9pm at their Bedok North address. Islandwide delivery fees range from $10 to $15, depending on your location. This fee would be waived for orders above $120. 

To expedite the ordering process, orders must follow a standard message template as seen on their Instagram story highlights that are titled ‘ordering’. 

DM their Instagram page to order.

18. Grbakes

Home Bakers --20Image credit: @grbakes

Grbakes offers a smorgasbord of baked goods, namely cakes, brownies, and chocolate confections. The brownies are popular, and they either come in Boxes of Six ($15/$28.50/$40) or a Tray of 16 (from $30). The former’s flavours are fixed, and the flavours of the week will be constantly updated on Grbakes’s Instagram page. Try their 70.5% Dark Choc Chips & Sea Salt ($32 for a whole tray of 16), which consists of a good blend of bittersweet choc chips that’s elevated with the crisp saltiness of sea salt. 

Grbakes operates on a weekly bake sale basis, so follow their Instagram page to receive updates on their next drop! 

They do islandwide deliveries with a flat $6 delivery fee. Orders must follow a standard message template as seen on their Instagram story highlights that are titled ‘read me’, to expedite the ordering process.

DM their Instagram page to order.

19. Whiskdom

Home Bakers --8Image credit: @whiskdom

The gooey cookies and brownies at famous shops, namely Nasty Cookie and BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, are sinfully good. However, the ones in the baked boxes from Whiskdom take it up a notch, with exclusive flavours such as Matcha Fudgy Brownie, Brown Butter Mixed Berries Cookie, and Dark Cocoa Baileys Espresso Creme Cookie

These flavours were part of their latest menu at the time of writing. The home bakers refresh their menu every week so check out their Instagram page regularly for the latest flavours! Slots would be released every Monday at 7pm, so place your orders quickly as the goods will be snapped up very fast. The delivery fees are included in the price of their baked goods, so you do not need to worry about additional delivery charges. 

The bakes are immensely popular, so fill up the waitlist form to receive the link to place your order in advance, to get priority ahead of the folks ordering on the weekly Monday slots. We heard that there are over 400 people on the waiting list. 

DM their Instagram page to order when their slots open. 

20. Sweet Nostalgia

Home Bakers --16Image credit: @snbakeryco

Sweet Nostalgia is a Kovan-based home bakery that sells bake box sets which contain pretty baked goods that are inspired by botanical flavours! These flavours refer to extracts from fruits, flowers and other plant materials. White chocolate fans have to try their Premium White Chocolate Box ($14.90), which consists of white chocolate chips and macadamia nut cookies, vanilla custard donuts, and white chocolate blondies.

For deliveries, there will be a flat $6 delivery fee per location. 

DM their Instagram page to order.

21. Gratus

Home Bakers --14Image credit: @gratus.sg

Gratus is an all-vegan home bakery that sells plant-based vegan goodies. They also do not contain preservatives and artificial colourings. This home bakery is helmed by Levine Thio, a current NUS student who wishes to showcase the beauty and flavours of her vegan bakes. A vegan since 2014, she wants to debunk many’s sweeping assumptions pertaining to vegan food and prove how tasty it can be.

Levine’s Vanilla, Poached Pears and Oolong Cake ($70) is light on the palate, but rich in flavour. It features a three-layered cake that contains vanilla sponge cake, spice poached pears, and oolong buttercream. Try her Cupcakes ($20 for a mix of three flavours), which come in a box of six. Cupcake flavours include chocolate cupcake filled with espresso cream, classic carrot cake with ‘cream cheese’ buttercream, and passion fruit cupcake filled with white chocolate buttercream. 

Note that self-collection is done at Tan Kah Kee MRT Station, and a flat fee of $10 will be charged for islandwide deliveries.

Gratus order form

22. Brooks & Carter

Home Bakers --25Image credit: @brooksandcartersg

Brooks & Carter’s specialities are their cakes, cupcakes, and brownies. Their cakes have one-of-a-kind flavours, such as their Teh Tarik Speculoos Ombre Cake ($67 for four-inch). It consists of fragrant teh tarik-flavoured cake that’s elevated with crispy spiced biscuits. This colourful cake is a sight to behold, and will sure to impress any birthday boy or girl.

Self-collection for orders are done at The Tampines Trilliant pickup point. Delivery to locations in Tampines, Pasir Ris, and Simei will have an additional $5 delivery fee, while there’s a flat fee of $15 for islandwide delivery. This fee is waived for orders above $90.

Check out their Carousell page or DM their Instagram page to order.

23. Bakes by Yan

Home Bakers --2Image credit: @bakesbyyan

Bakes by Yan is a young home bakery that sells customised cakes, dessert boxes, and macarons. The latter is a best seller, with tantalising non-traditional flavours such as vanilla bean, tangy lemon, and fruity pebbles. 12 macarons cost $22, while 16 macarons go at $28. Try their Thai Tea Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($45 for six-inch), which features creamy cheesecake complemented with the earthy flavours of Thai tea.

You can either choose to pick up your orders in person at their Pasir Ris location, or opt for delivery. There’s an $8 delivery fee for locations within 15km of the home bakery. For other locations, there’s a $15 delivery fee. 

DM their Instagram page to order.

24. The Whiskers

Home Bakers --7Image credit: @thewhiskers.sg

The folks at The Whiskers have a knack for creating beautiful customised cakes that receive many praises from their customers. With five years of experience in curating and styling dessert tables for weddings and birthday bashes, it’s no wonder they can create special and aesthetically pleasing treats.

These include a tall wedding cake or even one that’s inspired by the famous Spanish series Money Heist. Besides being pleasing to the naked eye, the cakes also excel in the taste department, with flavours such as matcha tea cake with vanilla matcha mascarpone and lychee lemon cake with fresh lemon cream. Their Petite Cakes (from $48) can feed two to five people, while their large 2 Tier Cakes (from $198) can feed up to a whopping 80 people!

Delivery fees range from $10 to $25, depending on your location. Do remember to pre-order your cakes at least two weeks in advance.

DM their Instagram page to order.

25. TwentyLayers

Home Bakers --18Image credit: @twentylayers.sg

TwentyLayers sells a wide range of bespoke and classic mille crepes. This traditional French cake consists of about twenty layers of thin pancake slathered in luxurious pastry cream.

Matcha fans will love the Matcha White Chocolate ($50), which features Uji matcha pastry cream, white chocolate ganache, matcha crumble, and Chantilly cream. Each smooth mouthful boasts an intense milky sweetness, with subtle earthy tea undertones.

Self-collection for orders are to be done at Hougang, and there’s a flat fee of $10 for islandwide delivery.

DM their Instagram page to order.

Unique desserts from home bakers

Amidst the rush to dine-in at our fav’ restaurants with the commencement of Phase two of Singapore’s re-opening, let’s all remember to be socially responsible by practising safe-distancing measures when we’re out.

For those intending to stay-home, y’all can now spice up your food monotony with these unique bakes by our very own local home bakers. For dessert delivery options, check out these dessert boxes for munchies you can share with the fam.

26 Dessert Box Delivery Services For Beautiful Baked Goods From Home Bakers

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