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Brotherbird Bakehouse Pop-Up Is Coming To Hillion Mall This June

15th May 2023

Brotherbird Bakehouse is opening at Hillion Mall

brotherbird bakehouse - display
Image credit: @hungryshuen

Brotherbird Bakehouse has been quite the tease for Westies—their outlets so far have all been located in Central and East Singapore, with the exception of their Boon Lay pop-up earlier this year in a Shell petrol station. Well, here’s some good news: the ultra-popular croissant bakery is slated to run their next pop-up in Hillion Mall, right above Bukit Panjang MRT Station and directly connected to both the LRT station and bus interchange!

brotherbird bakehouse - flatlayImage credit: @monstertheloafer

Information is scarce on this upcoming pop-up, but an Instagram story on their social media page has teased that this will be happening sometime in mid-June—Westies, keep your eyes on their Instagram page for the latest word on the street.

Ever since they first broke onto the scene more than 10 years ago, Brotherbird Bakehouse has made waves over and again for their unique take on croissants, including being one of the pioneers on the mochi croissant front.

brotherbird bakehouse - monthly box
Image credit: @brotherbird_bakehouse

Besides a selection of mainstay flavours, the brand also comes up with seasonal flavours that are available both in monthly bake boxes which you can preorder and get delivered, or individually sold at their various stores.

brotherbird sengkang - twice baked mentaiko croissant
Image credit: @brotherbird_bakehouse

Some bestselling favourites on the menu include Mentaiko Prawn Twice-Baked, stuffed with its namesake filling, with mozzarella and topped with Japanese chilli threads, while the Ham & Mornay Twice-Baked frequently features in their monthly boxes as another savoury option; this stars honey-smoked chicken ham with Mornay sauce, cheddar, and a cornichon pickle.

brotherbird bakehouse - ham cheese twice baked
Image credit: @prettyflavorsonly

FYI, the double baking process is what gives these croissants the shatteringly crisp exterior which their fans love.

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brotherbird bakehouse - rocher
Image credit: @brotherbird_bakehouse

On the sugary side of things, there’s the Rocher, full of hazelnut cream, and half-dipped in a dark chocolate glaze; otherwise Earl Grey Chocolate is a similarly chocolate-coated croissant. The latter comes instead with a milk chocolate dip, and is filled with an Earl Grey tea-infused cream.

brotherbird bakehouse - raspberry pistachio danishImage credit: @whatupworthy

Other than croissants, Brotherbird Bakehouse makes danish pastries too, such as the Raspberry & Pistachio Danish: layers of flaky pastry beneath a pistachio centre and raspberry jam.

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Address: TBD
Opening hours: TBD
Tel: TBD
Brotherbird Bakehouse is not a halal-certified eatery

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Feature image adapted from @brotherbird_bakehouse

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