Canopy HortPark Review: Pet-Friendly Garden Cafe With Truffle Ikura Pasta And More
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Canopy HortPark Review: Pet-Friendly Garden Cafe With Truffle Ikura Pasta And More

9th February 2021

Canopy HortPark near Alexandra

I’m always on the lookout for pet-friendly cafes  that don’t require me to travel to far-flung parts of Singapore, ones where I can also chill with my friends, and have a good meal. When I found out that Canopy HortPark offers all of these, with gorgeous interiors to boot, I knew I had to drop by for a visit.

dog al fresco canopy

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Food at Canopy HortPark

flatlay canopy

We had a spread of mains and starters, including the Smoked Salmon Salad ($19++) and Wild Porcini Mushroom Soup ($10++). These were nothing to shout about, and the salad, while bright-tasting and fresh, was a bit clunky with the thick rolls of smoked salmon.

spanish grilled pork hortpark

On the other hand, the Grilled Spanish Pork ($27++) featured a well-cooked and hefty pork chop. This came drenched in a caramelised onion gravy, and drizzles of sweet balsamic vinegar.

grilled pork sliced

I appreciated that the pork was not overdone. Rather, it was mostly tender and moist. The use of Spanish pork meant the meat was more buttery, and less gamey-tasting. However, my dining companion found some bits slightly drier, and tougher.

cold angel hair pasta

The Cold Angel Hair Pasta ($42++) was easily the show-stopping highlight of our meal here. I’m a sucker for capellini dishes, and this version was blinged with white truffle oil, a truffle-butter sauce, sashimi scallops, and ikura.

cold angel hair pasta ikura

It’s good for at least two to share, which sort of justifies the $42++ price tag. But at the same time, the dish didn’t blow me away as much as I wish it did. The pasta could have been just the slightest touch less cooked. While tasty, we also felt that its flavours could be punchier.

rosemary chicken

I don’t usually order chicken when I dine out, but the Rosemary Chicken ($25++) was done well here. In particular, the rosemary garlic sauce stood out for its savoury notes, without being overpowered by the herb.

rosemary chicken and mash

It came paired with a buttery, smooth mash that complemented the chicken.

dry aged burger

We were disappointed by the Dry-Aged Beef Burger ($32++), because the beef patty was rather dense and dry. It was also too well-done for our tastes. The patty is generously-sized, though, so perhaps it would be more satisfying when cooked less.

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Ambience at Canopy HortPark

canopy hortpark interior

Canopy HortPark is split into an indoor dining area which is lined with full-height glass windows, as well as an al fresco area for diners with pets. The decor here is reminiscent of Balinese resorts, with hanging cane lanterns, and lush greenery that is an extension of the gardens outside.

canopy hortpark al fresco

We liked the comfortable seats in the pet-friendly al fresco area, great for having furry friends share the space with us. The area is fenced in with walls of greenery and ventilated with portable air conditioners that keep the place cool.

The verdict

verdict canopy hortpark

I wasn’t the only happy camper at Canopy HortPark when we visited. I’d think my pup was thrilled to be allowed on the seats, rather than left to wander on the floor waiting for us to be done with the food. I do wish there was a pet-friendly menu so both of us could be fed, however.

The food at Canopy HortPark is not particularly outstanding, with improvements needed in some dishes such as the Dry-Aged Beef Burger. Don’t come here expecting wallet-friendly prices, although the portions are pretty big so it’s not exactly a rip-off either. Since pet-friendly cafes aren’t the easiest to find in Singapore, I’d say that they’ve done well in positioning themselves as such, and by providing a pleasant environment for both pets and pet-owners, as well as the general customer.

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Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, #01-01, HortPark, Singapore 119578
Tel: 6556 1533
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 10:30pm
Canopy HortPark is not a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Chew Yien.
This was a media tasting at Canopy Hortpark.

Canopy HortPark Review: Pet-Friendly Garden Cafe With Truffle Ikura Pasta And More
  • 7.5/10
    Canopy HortPark Review: Pet-Friendly Garden Cafe With Truffle Ikura Pasta And More - 7.5/10



– Pet-friendly
– Beautiful ambience


– Food is on the pricey side
– Beef burger patty was dry

Recommended dishes: Cold Angel Hair Pasta ($42++), Rosemary Chicken ($25++)

Opening hours: Daily 8am to 10:30pm

Address:33 Hyderabad Road, #01-01, HortPark, Singapore 119578

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