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Chatuchak Singapore Food Guide: 9 Must-Try Snacks Including Thai Pancakes And Coconut Waffles

7th February 2023

Best Chatuchak Night Market Singapore food 

While travel to Bangkok and Thailand is back in full swing, here’s exciting news on home turf: Chatuchak Night Market, one of the most iconic Bangkok destinations, is now in Singapore from 7 February to 2 April 2023, at the Grandstand South Carpark in Bukit Timah.

There are 180 vendors around the space, and 200 seats across the sprawling market so patrons can sit back and feast on their food haul. Expect peak BKK vibes here, as the organisers are committed to bringing the market’s decor and atmosphere to Turf Road.

With so many stalls to choose from, picking the best bites can be daunting. Fret not, as we’ve gone ahead to scope out the Chatuchak Night Market Singapore 2023 for our readers, to bring you all the best food to eat at the event.

1. Thai Roti Pancakes

chatuchak night market singapore food - thai pancakes

Banana Nutella pancakes are a staple snack on any Thailand holiday, but they’re not the most commonplace in Singapore. At the Chatuchak Night Market here, however, you can head by this Thai Roti Pancakes stall—keep an eye out for their purple tent—to get a huge variety of halal-certified takes on the snack. They also hail from Thailand!

There are classic flavours such as Banana ($3) and Original ($4), but also Roti with Mango ($8), Foithong (a Thai egg yolk floss) Roti ($7), and Corn Roti ($7). You can also top up to enjoy your pancakes griddled with mozzarella cheese ($3) or Ovaltine powder ($1). Each portion comes with a side of condensed milk for added sweetness.

2. Fried Quail Eggs

quail eggs chatuchak
Image credit: Fanshare

Fried quail eggs are a quintessential Bangkok snack. Get your fill of these bite-sized flavour bombs at Chatuchak Night Market Singapore, priced at seven for $5 or 12 for $8. Each egg is fried till they develop a crispy bottom, while the yolk atop remains slightly gooey. The stall also sells Tomyum Mama noodles if you want to enjoy your eggs with something more substantial.

3. Thai Pandan Pancakes

baan kanom thai - chatuchak night market singapore

We recently covered Baan Kanom Thai, a home-based business that opened a physical store selling their famed Thai pandan pancakes, crispy pancakes, and puddings. If you’ve yet to try out their specialties, you can do so at their Chatuchak Night Market Singapore pop-up. We highly recommend their Pandan Pancakes, priced from $5.50 for 10 pieces. Made with real pandan, these kueh-like morsels are super addictive. Also worth trying are the Thai Crispy Pancakes ($5 for eight), made fresh and stuffed with spiced coconut. Their Pandan Pudding ($4) and Coconut Pudding ($5) will also be available.

4. Thai Coconut Waffle

Move over old-school pandan waffles, these Thai coconut waffles are our latest obsession. Each waffle remixes the familiar Thai coconut pancake, kanom babin, with a crispy waffle batter that is packed with coconut meat, making each bite slightly chewy. Choose from four flavours: Coconut, Coconut Corn, Coconut Cheese, and Coconut Corn Cheese, all priced at $5. There’s also the option to add more cheese for $1. The stall is also halal-certified.

5. Honeycomb Ice Cream and 3 Layer Drinks

yumcha sg chatuchak night market singapore

Yumcha.Sg’s pop-up in the night market is where you want to go to quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth. They’ve got a creamy Butter Beer ($6) that’ll transport you straight to Diagon Alley, and milk-based 3 Layer Drinks ($6) that are as IG-worthy as they are tasty. Choose from flavours such as Taro, Thai Milk Tea, even Bubblegum. Finally, the stall also offers Honeycomb Ice Cream (from $8) to beat the heat. These sundaes come with vanilla ice cream dressed in a honey drizzle, served with an actual piece of honeycomb. You can also add on toppings such as Butterscotch Drizzle, Oreo Crumbs and more for $1.

6. Moo Ping Pau

moo ping bao

Moo ping is a classic snack you’ll find at most Thai restaurants and markets. These are pork skewers, prepared in a manner that’s similar to satay, albeit with different spices. At WooNie Thai Food, however, you can enjoy your moo ping in its original form at $5.50 for three skewers, or in a steamed bao, at $5.50 for two. These are prepared like Taiwanese gua bao, with moo ping meat in place of braised pork belly. Each bao also comes with a few slivers of pickled cucumber, for a bit of zing.

7. Lotus Leaf Rice

lotus leaf rice - chatuchak night market

Bak zhang gets a major upgrade at this lotus leaf rice stall, which steams your order in a giant lotus leaf for extra flavour. Each parcel comes with red glutinous rice studded with a broad selection of goodies, from peanuts to mushrooms, ginkgo nuts to Thai lup cheong, and a whole salted egg yolk. Priced at $10, this is one that’s best to share with friends.

8. Crab Omelette

Former chef of Burger & Lobster, Jodin, recently opened a burger delivery service, Crab & Burger. The eatery offers a variety of Western dishes prepared with crab, from mac & cheese bits to burgers. For the Chatuchak Night Market Singapore, the eatery is bringing Thai-style fusion bites to the menu. First on the must-try list is the Krapow Burger ($8), which stars a patty made with Thai basil beef, topped with a slice of melty cheese. Also, get your hands on their shiok Crab Omelette ($8), where the egg is fried till crispy, and spotted with chunks of real crab meat. If you can only afford enough stomach space for a small snack here, then the Chilli Crab Fries ($5) are a great bet. 

9. Amish Lemonade

amish lemonade

You can expect to feel warm and sweaty at the night market thanks to its outdoor setting. To quench your thirst, get yourself a bucket of Amish Lemonade ($5.50). For those who don’t know, the Amish are known for a particularly citrusy lemonade, which you can further zhng-up with soda and syrups for an added $1.

Chatuchak Night Market 2023 opens in Singapore

Pay a visit to the event before they close down in April. If your cravings for Thai food aren’t satisfied after your trip down, check out our guide to the best Thai restaurants in Singapore for more options. 

Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas.
This was a media tasting at Chatuchak Night Market Singapore.

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