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Get Unlimited Toppings With Your DIY Acai Bowl At This Bugis Cafe

4th August 2023

Cornercove is a DIY acai bar in Bugis

cornercove acai - intro 3

Call us basic, but there are quite a number of us on the team who absolutely dig acai bowls. So when we heard about Cornercove, a new-but-not-new acai bar that’s just opened at City Gate, we had to check it out.

cornercove acai - acai bases

It’s new because they only just opened two weeks ago, but it’s also not new, since they first appeared on the scene back in 2020 but shut down a year later, no thanks to the hiccup that was COVID-19. They’re now back, with a smorgasbord of six fruit smoothie bases and over 30 toppings, including nut butters that are churned fresh daily.

cornercove acai - toppings

The best part about Cornercove is not the all-natural, no-sugar-added, or super fresh ingredients, but the fact that you can customise your bowl to the wildest of your imagination.

cornercove acai - scooping acai

First, you decide if you want a Regular ($9.90) or Large ($14.90) bowl. The smaller bowl gets you approximately 12 ounces of indulgence, while the larger has a 16oz capacity.

cornercove acai - pitaya and acai

You can have as many bases as you like; there’s the classic Acai, or a bright fuschia Pitaya, AKA red dragonfruit smoothie.

cornercove acai - matcha base

Then, you have a veggie-infused Matcha, or creamy Coconut.

cornercove acai - tropical base

Load up on your proteins with Strawberry Chocolate Protein, or have something bright and summery when you choose Tropical Paradise, a blend of peach, passionfruit, and mango.

cornercove acai - regular bowl 3

For those of you who can’t make up your mind, there are pre-set options to pick from, so you can focus on enjoying your smoothie bowl. All the smoothie bases are blended fresh each morning before they open for the day!

cornercove acai - blue chia pudding

Chia pudding is widely touted for its health benefits, including being loaded with fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants and fibre. Plus, it helps keep you fuller for longer—at Cornercove, you can zhng up your smoothie bowl with scoops of Blue Chia Pudding, naturally coloured of course, or Raspberry Chia Pudding.

cornercove acai - regular bowl

The only limitation to the number of toppings you can have is the size of the bowl; add crunch with Honey Nut, Maple Pecan, or Blueberry Flax granola, and up your vitamin intake with fresh fruits such as Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple, Apple, or Kiwi.

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cornercove acai - pitaya closeup

There’s a whole buffet of nuts, berries, seeds, flakes and more too. Think mulberries, raisins, cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries, almond flakes, crushed peanuts—the list goes on.

cornercove acai - nut butter

Opt for one, or all three of the nut butters on offer: there’s Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, and Cashew Butter. Down the line, you might even be able to purchase these from Cornercove!

cornercove acai - large bowl

Finally, top your bowl with Agave Syrup or Honey, plus Matcha Powder, Espresso Powder, or Cinnamon.

cornercove acai - edible spoons

We previously had edible coffee cups at Puzzle Coffee; here at Cornercove, you can buy edible spoons! They retail at $1 each, or $2 a pair. Made of organic chia and flax seeds, rolled oats, and desiccated coconut, these caramel-oat Crunch spoons will add more fibre to your diet too!

If you’re mad about acai, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the best acai bowls in Singapore. If you live near Queenstown, you could also check out Urban Folks, an Aussie-inspired cafe in the new Margaret Market that’s got acai bowls, jaffles and more!

Address: 371 Beach Road, B1-48, City Gate, Singapore 199597
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11am to 7pm, Sun 11am to 6pm
Cornercove is not a halal-certified eatery but uses no pork or lard

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Photos taken by Aldrich Tan
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