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Are These Frozen Chicken Nuggets A Dupe For McDonald’s McNuggets?

14th March 2024

FreezePak Crispy Chicken Nuggets are a McDonald’s McNuggets dupe

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A few years ago, an unassuming frozen nugget brand by the name of Freezepak came under the spotlight for its Crispy Chicken Nuggets, which were said to be a close dupe for the cult favourite McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

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This claim arrived at the height of the Circuit Breaker back in 2020, when news about the temporary closure of McDonald’s outlets took Singapore’s social media by storm. Content creator Leslie Koh’s Facebook post, which became viral shortly after it went up, detailed that FreezePak’s frozen nuggets had “98% similarities to McNuggets”.

To test the claim, we did a ranked guide to the seven best air fryer frozen chicken nuggets in Singapore.


These nuggets took a total of 10 to 12 minutes in the airfryer, straight out of the freezer.


Unfortunately, based on our experience, these chicken nuggets had a weird texture after coming out of the air fryer. I did find the well-seasoned flavour and tender meat texture similar to that of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, but when air-fried, the nuggets turned out mushy and greasy.

Perhaps deep-frying is the best way to enjoy them instead, especially since it’s the cooking method used for McDonald’s version.

Nonetheless, FreezePak offers great bang for your buck, since each bag is priced at $10.90 for a full kg! You can find them at major supermarkets, including NTUC FairPrice.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for the best airfryer nuggets that are similar to Chicken McNuggets, try the ones by Tyson. These came out perfectly crispy, with that classic McNugget taste we know and love.

mcdonalds sweet paprika chicken burger and mccrispy

In related fast food news, McDonald’s Sweet Paprika Chicken McCrispy is back! There’s also a burger version, available as part of an Extra Value Meal from $8.70.

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FreezePak Crispy Chicken Nuggets are halal-certified.

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