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Frozen And Co Sells Shibuya Honey Toast, Mars And Snickers Ice Cream From $0.99

11th June 2020

Cheap ice cream from Frozen and Co

Frozen and Co Ice Cream - Shibuya Honey Toast Ice Cream
Image credit: @sgfwoodie

These few months of staying home has got me deeply missing ice cream cafe outings, and my only consolation has been chowing down on the frozen treat at home. In fact, the only thing stopping me from getting a whole pack of Häagen-Dazs and binging on them is probably the steep price tag that often comes with ice cream. That’s why these affordable ice cream from the online grocery store Frozen and Co have been tempting me to restock on the indulgent snack.

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Frozen and Co Ice Cream - Ice Cream Sale
Image credit: Frozen and Co

The newest flavour of Mingo ice cream, Shibuya Honey Toast, will set you back only $0.99 per cup. That’s about as cheap as the cups that the ice cream cart uncle used to sell near my school. In each cup of this Mingo ice cream, you’ll even find crunchy toast pieces to give the luscious honey ice cream more texture.

Frozen and Co Ice Cream - Mingo Ice Cream

There’s no minimum order, but the islandwide delivery fee is $6.99, so you’ll probably want to get much a bigger order of these, together with other Mingo flavours such as Durian ($5.50) or Tutti Frutti ($5.50)

Alternatively, you can just bring your next supermarket run online, and get your frozen ingredients from Frozen and Co to score free delivery with an order that exceeds $80.

Frozen and Co Ice Cream - Mars and Snickers Ice Cream
Image credit: @cooknslurpwithme

Besides the Thai ice cream cups, the online grocer also has Mars and Snickers Ice Cream Bars on sale. Each box of these sinful treats comes with six bars, and are priced at $8.50 (U.P. $9.50). They’re currently sold out, but I’ll definitely get my hands on those the moment they come back in stock!

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Feature image adapted from @cooknslurpwithme and @sgfwoodie.

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