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Get Japan’s Frozen Lemon Coke At 7-Eleven Singapore From 16 August 2019

14th August 2019

Slurp up Japan’s Frozen Lemon Coke

Frozen Lemon Coke Japan
Image credit: @lsyleung

I don’t drink soft drinks that much, unless it’s used as a mixer during Friday nights out. But since I was bornand then married intoa family that loves Coca-Cola, the news of Japan’s Frozen Lemon Coke has been flooding my ears since word got out. Set to hit the shelves of 7-Eleven outlets islandwide on 16 August 2019, this drink is sure to be a hot commodity, and getting your hands on it will prove difficult.  

What makes this lemon-flavoured coke slushie a must-try is the fact that it took eight years of R&D and over 100 prototypes before it got released in Japan last year. That’s a lot of effort and money put into creating a drink, and this means it can only taste amazing. 

Fridge full of Frozen Lemon Coke
Image credit: @y_____sj 

Featuring real lemon juice, this frozen slushie is expected to be extremely refreshing, with a nice citrusy flavour. This is great, considering Singapore’s weather is sweltering hot these days. 

Based on other sources online, the pouch is said to cost $1.50, which is cheaper than a bottle of water at 7-Eleven. 

Fanta Grape, Lemon Coke, Fanta Orange - Frozen Slushies
Image credit: @napajapan 

Aside from Coke, it seems that Japan has other frozen sodas, namely Fanta Grape and Fanta Orange. Hopefully, those two flavours will come to Singapore by this year!

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