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13 Funan Food Places To Visit When It Reopens On 28 June 2019 Including Cheap Steak And Ramen

7th June 2019

Funan food to try

From indoor cycling paths that light up when cycled on to a sprawling rooftop urban farm, the newly revamped Funan Mall has got me excited. It’s definitely gonna bring as much fanfare as Jewel Changi Airport. What’s more amazing are the Funan food and drinks available, including famous Japanese ramen restaurants Afuri Ramen and Tsuta, as well as Taiwanese bubble tea shop Milksha. I just know Funan Mall will be the new foodie central in 2019.

Funan reopens with plenty of food!

Funan reopens today! No longer just a tech mall, you will also find plenty of cool food joints including a $2 oyster bar and a steakhouse serving wagyu under $20! Find out more here: https://eatbook.sg/funan-food/

Posted by Eatbook.sg on Friday, June 28, 2019

1. Afuri Ramen

Funan Food - Afuri ramen
Image credit:

Afuri Ramen is crazy popular in Japan for its yuzu ramen, so we are psyched it’s finally coming to Singapore. Their Yuzu Shoyu Ramen comes in a clear shoyu broth that’s infused with a light citrusy tang. You can also get it with a salt-based shio broth.

The yuzu truly shines in their Yuzu Tsukemen. This dry noodle comes with a soya-yuzu dipping sauce that’s packed with tangy and umami flavours.

Afuri Ramen: Famous Yuzu Ramen Joint From Japan Opening At Funan Mall This June

Unit number: #B1-29

2. Milksha

Funan Food - Milksha
Image credit:

Famous Taiwanese bubble tea joint Milkshop will be opening their second outlet in Singapore at Funan Mall, operating under the name Milksha. Their boba in the Earl Grey latte with Honey Pearls are cooked and frozen in Taiwan before being airflown to Singapore. They take quality control here seriously, so you can expect the drinks here to taste as good as the ones in Taiwan.  

Their Azuki Matcha Milk is another drink to try. A special Japanese matcha, which blends well with the fresh milk, is used to ensure a velvety smoothness.

Milksha: Popular Taiwanese Bubble Tea Brand Milkshop Is Opening At Suntec And Funan

Unit number: #02-K07
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm

3. Tsuta

Funan Food - Tsuta

Tsuta is the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen restaurant. They use premium ingredients such as truffles to accentuate the umami flavours of their shio and shoyu soup bases.

Opt for their Chashu Ajitama Soba when you’re here. This signature dish is clean tasting yet punches a strong oomph of umami and earthiness from the black truffle purée. You can also expect meaty chashu slices, which are leaner than usual but still tender.

Tsuta Review: World’s First Michelin-Starred Ramen Shop Opens In Orchard Road



Funan Food - NOKA
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NOKA is perched on the rooftop of Funan, ornate with vibrant flowers, veggies and herbs that are all used in the dishes served here. Dishes like EGC Mushroom and Black Cod Saiko-Yaki use herbs and vegetables from the edible garden—meaning they’re much fresher in taste.

No Japanese restaurant is complete without raw fish, and you can get a platter of Sashmi Moriawase here as well. They even serve Japanese-styled cakes such as the Yuzu Cheesecake.


5. Butterknife Folk

Funan Food - Butterknife fold
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Butterknife Folk is famous for offering tons of different—often cheekily named—gelatos such as Miso Sexy and Samurai Rocks the Kumbu. Their gelatos and sorbets are also made in small batches, allowing them to surprise you with new flavours whenever a tub is wiped clean.

There’s also non-dairy gelato and sorbets such as Cocoa-Nut and Almond Cacao—perfect for a cool and refreshing vegan treat on a hot sunny day.


6. Little Caesars

Funan Mall Little Caesers
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Little Caesars is an affordable pizza chain from the States. If you’re in a rush, get their 12” Hot-N-Ready Large Pepperoni ($7.99) that will be ready within 30 seconds of ordering. This means you can quickly grab a bite without wasting precious time.

There are also other classics such as 12” Hula Hawaiian ($13.49) and 12” Hot-N-Ready Large Cheese that are great for a hearty meal.


7. Steak & Sushi by Hot Tomato

Funan Food - Steak & Sushi

Steak and Sushi serves exactly what its name suggests: steak and sushi. They’re opened by Hot Tomato, so you can expect the same quality and affordable nosh here.

Def’ check out their Steak & Chirashi Don ($21.90++), where 200g of juicy Australian grass-fed sirloin is served with a colourful bowl of chirashi don that’s brimming with diced sashimi. There are also more pocket-friendly options such as Fish & Chips ($9.90++) and Teriyaki Chicken Chop ($9.90++) if beef is not your chosen protein.

Unit number: #B1-24
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

8. The Dark Gallery

Funan Food - The Dark gallery

The Dark Gallery serves a beautiful selection of dark chocolate treats. For those averse to dark chocolate, this spot will change your mind. Their Frozen S’mores, for instance, features a fluffy marshmallow exterior enveloping a dark chocolate ice-cream interior. The dessert is then flambéed to a beautiful caramel.

To get a better taste of the dark chocolate, opt for the Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter. Each ice-cream is made from a specific region of cocoa, so you’ll be able to make out each chocolate’s subtle differences.

The Dark Gallery Review: Dark Chocolate Cafe With Over 15 Chocolate Desserts On Their Menu


9. Workspace Espresso Bar

Funan Food - Workspace espresso bar
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Workspace Espresso Bar serves up healthy and delicious grain bowls. For the health conscious, Lite Bowl ($11.80) allows you to pick a base, side, protein, topping, and dressing. Alternatively, if you are looking to bulk up, Power Bowl ($13.80) features a more substantial portion with more sides and toppings. Think options such as roasted pork belly, miso-mirin salmon, and flank steak.

You can also get Chocolate Croissants ($2.30), Apple Crumble ($5) and other pastries to go with your morning coffee.


10. Liao Fan Hawker Chan

Liao Fan Hawker Chan needs no introduction. The OG one-Michelin-starred hawker stall has now 16 outlets across the globe and is opening another outlet in Funan Mall as well. Def’ get the famed Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle that’s packed full of herbal notes. The Combination Platter is great for sharing, with its delicious, caramelised roast meats.

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice And Noodle Review: The Cheapest Michelin Star Meal In The World


11. Wolf burgers

Funan Food - wolf Burgers
Image credit:

For those craving quality burgers on a budget, Wolf Burgers will be a safe bet. Their Wagyu Beef Signature Burger ($14.90) is a good choice if you’re looking for something hearty and satisfying. Go big and splurge on their Dry-aged Beef Burger ($17.90) that’s dripping with juices. You can even zhng-up your burgers with Avocado ($1.60) and Jalapenos ($1.60).

If you’re on a green diet, there are also less cloying options such as the vegetarian Future Burger ($16.90) that’s just as flavour-packed. 


12. Godmama

Funan Food - Godmama
Image credit:

Godmama takes on Peranakan food in both traditional and mod-sin styles. For brunch, you’ll find modern creations on traditional ingredients such as Buah Keluak Bolognese Pasta and Otak Otak Benedict. Wash it all down with an afternoon Gula Melaka Old Fashioned cocktail.

They also feature time-tested Nyonya recipes such as Babi Assam and Egg Skin Popiah, if you rather go traditional.


13. Fireless Kitchen

Funan Food - Fireless Kitchen
Image credit:
Fireless Kitchen’s Facebook page

Fireless Kitchen has got no open flames. They rely mainly on sous vide cooking to prepare their food. It’s no gimmick; this ensures your food will always be at its most optimal doneness.

Check out the 12-Hours Sous Vide BBQ Pork Belly that’s soft and tender—a result of all that low and slow cooking. Even their sides such as the Sous Vide Balsamic Onion Confit are prepared in a water bath to maximise its flavours.

Unit number: #02-04
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Get down to Funan for great food on 28 June

I’m so excited about all the new restaurants opening in Funan this 28 June! I’ll be sure to rush straight down from work on that day. From traditional Peranakan food to a sous vide-only restaurant, there’s just so much food at Funan!

Do take note that it’ll probably be really crowded on opening day. So on the off chance you don’t get a seat in any of these restaurants, check out these City Hall food gems instead.

Make sure to bookmark this page for any updates on these 13 Funan food places!


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