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Go Rogue Review: New Sando Cafe By 46 Mittsu Owners In Clarke Quay

16th May 2024

Go Rogue is a new sando cafe by 46 Mittsu in Clarke Quay


I’ve been to 46Mittsu once before they closed their shutters, and they quickly became my favourite sandwich place. I still remember wolfing down the Disco Jang Jang sando there! The pieces of gochujang pork shabu were so juicy, I found myself awkwardly walking to the counter, mouth-stuffed, asking for more serviettes to wipe off the mess I’d made. It was embarrassing but worth it. Now that they have rebranded to Go Rogue, with new sandwiches, salads, and rice bowls, you can imagine my excitement.

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Food at Go Rogue


The Cow Me In ($18) sando is part of this new menu. This sandwich contains 48-hour braised beef brisket, a sunny-side up egg, pickled jalapeno, and radicchio—akin to a crunchier version of red cabbage. 

NGL, I gobbled this one up really quickly. Because the meat within was very tender, it was easy to eat. The sweet flavours of onions were well-soaked into the beef, too. Just as the richness of the braise and yolk filled my palate, the tanginess of the pickled jalapeno cut through any heaviness. Then, the crisp radicchio rounded up the bite with a fresh crunch. 


If you want something even crunchier, try the Hot Chix ($16). This had buttermilk fried chicken dipped in gochujang, pickled cucumbers, cabbage slaw, and cheese. The crunch came from both the fried chicken batter and fresh veggies, making every bite enjoyable.

In the taste department though, this sandwich was not as well balanced as the previous one. Though I liked the subtle sweetness of the gochujang, it was a bit too spicy for me. The intense sauce overpowered the tangy pickles, so it leaned jelak after a while.


We could not leave without eating the iconic BEC ($14), a bacon, eggs and cheese sandwich that gave the former 46 Mittsu its fame. Upon opening the sandwich, we were greeted by the massive pieces of bacon on each side of the sandwich. Just look at the way the bacon was glistening too! 

Due to the thickness of the bacon, you might also think that it might be too salty, but surprisingly it was just right. It felt like I was eating a smoked version of sio bak paired with creamy scrambled eggs. To tie the ribbon on this package, charred cheese was also added, accentuating the smoky flavours of the bacon. 


For sides, one of the chef-owners insisted we try the Rogue Wings ($10). These wings were prepared in Hainanese chicken rice style, where the chicken is soaked in brine for some time before being dipped in batter and deep-fried. 


These wings were super juicy. My fingers were covered in the chicken’s juices as I split the drumlet from the mid-wing. Due to the brine, the meat closer to the bones looked pinker than usual. This did not hinder the taste of these wings though, as the ginger and sesame oil marinade came through very well.

The crispiness of the batter was also quite audible as I took the first bite. However, the batter did not seem to stick well to the chicken, as by the last bite, most of it had fallen off the wing. 


Finally, to balance out the sinful meal, we got the Backyard Greens ($13). This salad features radicchio, baby spinach, quail egg, slices of orange, and baby radish drizzled in miso citrus vinaigrette and topped with sliced avocado and some croutons. 

My colleague cleaned this plate up pretty quickly. She really liked the way the orange chunks gave the salad a refreshing finish. I also thought the mild tanginess of the vinaigrette went very well with the brightness of the radicchio.  

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Ambience at Go Rogue


The cafe was designed with a slick, industrial look, a complete switch from the campsite-like theme of the previous place. The glass ceiling allowed natural lighting to stream in, which worked well for our photos. Thankfully, it was not too hot as there was an air cooler at the back maintaining the temperature of the cafe. 

Go Rogue is located at North Canal Road, which is a six-minute walk from Clarke Quay MRT Station and a seven-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT Station. Even though there were seats for around 40 people, the space can feel cramped during lunchtime. So do get these sandwiches for takeaway to avoid the crowd! 

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The verdict


All in all, I can tell each dish in Go Rogue was crafted with expertise. They boasted rich, vibrant flavours yet maintained a good balance. Despite some of its flaws, I had a great brunch here! I’ll definitely be back to try their other sandwiches. 

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Address: 20 North Canal Road, #01-01, Singapore 048832
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 3pm, 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Go Rogue is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Hor Kia Ee.
This was a media tasting at Go Rogue. 

Go Rogue Review: New Sando Cafe By 46 Mittsu Owners Near Clarke Quay MRT
  • 7.5/10
    Go Rogue Review: New Sando Cafe By 46 Mittsu Owners Near Clarke Quay MRT - 7.5/10


– Chonky sandwiches with large portions of sandwich filling
– Refreshing salad

– The Flavours of the Hot Chix sandwich were not well-balanced
– Rogue Wings batter did not stick well to the meat

Recommended dishes: BEC ($14), Cow Me In ($18), Backyard Greens ($13)

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 3pm, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Address: 20 North Canal Road, #01-01, Singapore 048832

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