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GrabFood Launches Islandwide With A Promo Code Of $5 Off Three Orders

28th May 2018

GrabFood launches in Singapore


If you haven’t noticed, your UberEats app died last night at 2359. GrabFood has officially taken over, and the good news is, there are some features in it that are better than what was before.

For one, no minimum order is required for GrabFood. So you can order your $4 char kway teow without having to jio a whole bunch of people to do that with you. And yes, you can have char kway teow. GrabFood will be partnering with hawker stalls as well to bring hawker dishes to you. One thing though, delivery fee is $3, so you might want to rope in one or two people anyway to make sure your char kway teow is still worth the price.

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Another perk is that you can earn GrabRewards points when you order with GrabFood. For every dollar spent, you’ll be getting five times the amount of GrabRewards points. The points can then be used to redeem vouchers or discounts.

One thing to note is also their advanced ordering feature. You can order meals up to five days in advance, so you won’t have to panic when your colleague’s farewell party or your sister’s birthday comes. And like all Grab features, you can pay with your food using GrabPay.


Some restaurants that are already on GrabFood are A Poke Theory, Hock Lam Beef Noodles, Yum Cha, McDonald’s, and Jia Xiang Nasi Lemak. And of course, what’s a new Grab app without a promo code? From now till 3 June 2018, you can use the promo code “5OFF3” to get $5 off three orders. There’s a limited number of redemptions, so be fast!

If you’re thinking of making some quick cash, you can also sign up as a delivery-partner. You won’t have to pre-book delivery slots, and your earnings can be cashed out on the same day too!

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