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This RAPPU Pop-up Has Popular Lemak Laksa From Penang, Made With A 100-Year-Old Recipe

21st April 2023

Granny Q Penang Lemak Laksa pop-up at RAPPU Handroll Bar

granny q penang lemak laksa - flatlay

If you’ve been following the Causeway updates of late, you’ll know that the jam sitch there hasn’t been pleasant. It’s thus perfect that we’re getting more Malaysian food right here, such as EatAlley that’s set to open in June, and this upcoming Granny Q Penang Lemak Laksa pop-up at RAPPU Handroll Bar.

The pop-up will run on Fridays to Sundays, starting from 29 April 2023. The hours of the pop-up are limited to 12pm to 2:30pm on each of these days, or sold out. Reservations will not be accepted but takeaways are possible. That’s not all: they’re giving out bowls of the GQ Signature Laksa for free to dine-in guests on 29 April, until they run out!

granny q penang lemak laksa - aunty esther

It might be that you, like me prior to this pop-up, have not heard of Granny Q Penang Lemak Laksa. The Penang-native brand can be found in Pulau Tikus, Penang, where they actually only set up shop last year. They only have one dish on the menu: lemak laksa. It’s made with their grandmother’s recipe—one that’s been around since the 1920s!

granny q penang lemak laksa - signature gq laksa

Unlike the usual Penang assam laksa that we’re more accustomed to from that state, or the curry-style laksa which we typically have in Singapore, Granny Q’s version stars a lemak, coconut milk broth accented with fresh mint leaves, torch ginger, pineapple, and cucumber.

If you’re not one for the frills, go for Signature GQ Laksa ($8.80++), which comes with poached tilapia, fresh prawns, and a spoonful of dark brown prawn paste—imported directly from Penang.

granny q penang lemak laksa - soup pour

While not cloyingly thick and overly strong on the coconut milk, you’ll find the broth hearty and satisfying, livened up with the fresh aromatics that top each bowl.

granny q penang lemak laksa - noodles

Besides the hei ko, AKA prawn paste, all the rempah and thick, chewy rice noodles that you’ll get are all flown in from Penang too.

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granny q penang lemak laksa - signature gq laksa fried fish

Should you prefer fried rather than poached fish, go for Signature GQ Laksa with Fried Fish ($9.80++), which is essentially the same, but with four nuggets of battered, deep-fried tilapia.

granny q penang lemak laksa - supreme gq laksa

At Granny Q Penang Lemak Laksa in Malaysia, you won’t find Supreme GQ Laksa ($21++) on the menu. This fancy version was created specially for this pop-up, and comes with a whole crayfish and scallop in its shell, on top of the poached tilapia and prawns.

granny q penang lemak laksa - gq laksa ebi roll

Since the pop-up is being held at RAPPU Handroll Bar, it comes as no surprise that RAPPU is presenting a pop-up exclusive GQ Laksa Ebi Roll ($14++), where a sashimi-grade Botan ebi is torched and brushed with Granny Q’s laksa rempah, served on RAPPU’s signature seasoned rice and a slice of nori.

If you’re a laksa fan, check out our guide to laksa in Singapore. Otherwise, Lao Jiang Fishball Laksa Noodles in Tiong Bahru makes laksa with a 50-year-old recipe!

Address: 52 Duxton Road, Singapore 089516
Pop-up hours: Fri-Sun 12pm to 2:30pm
Granny Q Penang Lemak Laksa is not a halal-certified eatery

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Photos taken by Michelle P and edited by Melvin Mak
This was a media tasting at Granny Q Penang Lemak Laksa


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