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8 Halal Buffets Under $40 To Feast At With Your Entire Clique

6th December 2017

Affordable all-you-can-eat spreads

While the end of the year signifies the anticipation of a well-deserved holiday, it also calls for reunions and team gatherings to celebrate the festive season. For all the fun that comes to mind when we think of these social gatherings, an inevitable struggle lies in choosing a venue that is group-friendly. Working with a huge team of foodies who goes for team dinners every month, I know the pain. So in this list, we have found eight places serving affordable halal buffets from international cuisines to delicious Indonesian food and unlimited pizzas!

1. Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ 

halal buffets- kublai khan
Image credit: @cloudy.day

Overlooking the Singapore River, Kubai Khan Mongolian BBQ is a buffet restaurant located on the second level of Clarke Quay Central. The highlight of this restaurant is the gigantic barbeque pit that their chef uses to cook meat. Prepared in Mongolian style, a variety of meats such as chicken, lamb, and beef are barbequed on the spot.

Besides Mongolian barbequed meat, the restaurant also offers Japanese cuisine with sushi and sashimi selections, Chinese cuisine, and a wide variety of desserts. Some of their most popular finger food that you can expect include Mongolian Mushroom Balls, Breaded Salted Egg Squid, and Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-01, Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
Tel: 6334 4888
Buffet prices: $18++ (Mon-Thur lunch), $20++ (Fri-Sun lunch), $29++ (Mon-Thur dinner), $30.80++ (Fri-Sun dinner)
Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ is a halal-certified restaurant.

2. Makan-Makan

halal buffets- makan makan

While mookata is something that is hard to hate, I’m sure many can agree that the oily and smoky barbequed meats can get jelak after a while. But with a steamboat pot to go with it, the story changes. At Makan-Makan, you can get the best of both worlds with their steamboat BBQ buffet. With a pot and grill big enough to be shared between four people, the restaurant is entirely self-serviced and you can help yourself to their ingredients such as bamboo clams, blue crabs, tom yum chicken, smoked duck, and cheese fish cakes.

For the steamboat, you can choose one of their two soup bases – chicken or tom yum soup. Besides the wide variety of ingredients, they also have seven different condiments, namely Thai sweet sauce, ABC sweet sauce, Korean BBQ sauce, chicken rice chilli, chilli padi soya, and minced ginger.  

Check out our full review of Makan-Makan!

Address: 900 Punggol Road, #01-03, Punggol Ranch, Singapore 829168
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 3pm to 11pm, Sat-Sun 3pm to 12pm
Tel: 8571 0204
Buffet prices: $26 (Tue-Fri), $29 (Sat-Sun)
Makan-Makan is a Muslim-owned eatery.

3. Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat Buffet 

halal buffet- marina bay bbq
Image credit: Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat’s Facebook page

Mention a buffet at Marina Bay and you probably can’t help but imagine the exorbitant price tag that comes with the meal. Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat Buffet, however, gives restaurants in that area a run for their money as they offer seafood buffet from just $25 per person. Located minutes away from Marina Barrage and Gardens By The Bay, the eatery is found in Satay By The Bay.

In terms of food variety, you can expect to find not just seafood, but also marinated meat, yong tau foo pieces, and vegetables. Besides free-flow soft drinks, the buffet also comes with complimentary ice-cream for you to end off the meal with something sweet!

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, #12/13/14, Satay By The Bay, Singapore 018953
Opening hours: Daily 5pm to 11:45pm
Tel: 9131 1272
Buffet prices: $25 (Mon-Thur), $32 (Fri-Sun)
Marina Bay BBQ Seafood Buffet is a halal-certified eatery.

4. The Rice Table

halal buffets- rice table

If you think having a good all-you-can-eat meal at Orchard at less than $20 is impossible, you are wrong. At International Building, you can find The Rice Table, a restaurant that has been serving Dutch-Indonesian cuisine for over 20 years. At $18.95, you can get their All-You-Can-Eat Rice Table Lunch that comes with unlimited top-ups of 14 different Indonesian dishes. The 14-course buffet includes vegetables, meat dishes, and a soup, and some of our favourite dishes were their Ikan Goreng, Sate Ayam, and Tahu Telor.

Their 20-Course Dinner Buffet ($29.55), which starts at 6pm, includes additional dishes such as Sambal Udang, Sotong Asam, and Perkedel Jagung!

Check out our full review of The Rice Table!

Address: 360 Orchard Road, #02-09/10, International Building, Singapore 238869
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 3pm (last order at 2:15pm), 6pm to 10pm (last order at 9:15pm)
Tel: 6835 3782
Buffet prices: $18.95 (lunch), $29.55 (dinner)
According to their menu, The Rice Table uses halal ingredients but the restaurant is not halal-certified as they serve alcohol.

5. Aroma Kampung 

halal buffets- aroma kampung

12 types of sambal, yes you saw it right. If you are one who loves spicy food, especially sambal, Aroma Kampung is your heaven. This Muslim-owned eatery specialises in nasi padang buffet with more than 40 dishes and 12 types of sambal, namely kosong, kecap, petai, ikan bilis, limau, belimbing, budu, mangga, tempoyak, selasih, tomato, and cincalok.

Of the 40 dishes, some of the must-haves there are Deep-Fried Chicken Skin, Ayam Lemak Chilli Padi, and Siput Sedut Lemak Chilli Padi – snail flesh cooked in chilli padi gravy. Of course, a nasi padang is not one without the nasi. At Aroma Kampung, you can get two types of rice: white rice and nasi kerabu which is stained blue with butterfly pea flowers.

Find out more about the food at Aroma Kampung!

Address: 2 Joo Chiat Complex, #03-1111, Singapore 420002
Opening hours: Daily 9am to 7pm
Tel: 8750 0089
Buffet prices: $25.90 (Mon-Thur), $27.90 (Fri-Sun)
Aroma Kampung is a Muslim-owned eatery.

6. Sakura International Buffet Restaurant 

halal buffets - sakura

If there is anything better than Portuguese Bird Nest Egg Tart, Hiroshima Oyster Omelette, and Signature Boston Lobster & Argentine Red Prawn Hokkien Mee, it would be having unlimited portions of them. At Sakura International Buffet Restaurant, that is exactly what you can get.

Starting at $22++ for a weekday lunch, you can also expect a huge variety of dim sum, Thai food, and sushi. Although it’s hard to resist, try to leave a little space in your stomach for their desserts like Bu Bu Char Char, Lava Cake With Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate Ice-Cream and Dark And White Chocolate Mousse!

Address: 210 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9, #01-208, Yio Chu Kang Stadium, Singapore 569777
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am to 3.30m, 5.30pm to 10pm
Tel: 6754 8197
Buffet prices: $22++ (Mon-Fri lunch), $33.90++ (Sat-Sun lunch), $33.90++ (Mon-Thur dinner), $38++ (Fri-Sun dinner)
Website | Full list of outlets
Sakura International Buffet Restaurant is a halal-certified eatery.

7. The Landmark

halal buffet- the landmark
Image credit: @drrickjl

Located a short walk away from Bugis Junction, The Landmark is one of the largest halal-certified buffet restaurants in Singapore that offers Western, Mediterranean, Northern Indian, and Asian cuisines.

At $25++, the variety and quality of food that you can expect at their lunch buffet is almost too good to be true. For seafood lovers, you will be thrilled to know that they serve crabs, Spanish green mussels, and scallops every day! Some other interesting dishes that you can also find at the restaurant are Stuffed Grilled Chicken with Rosemary Sauce, Fish Head Curry, and Assorted Naan & Tandoori Chicken!

Address: 390 Victoria Street, #05-01, Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore 188061
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 10pm
Tel: 6299 7786
Buffet prices: $25++ (Daily lunch), $30++ (Mon-Thur dinner), $35++ (Fri-Sun dinner)
The Landmark is a halal-certified eatery.

8. Rhombus Pizza

halal buffets- rhombus pizza

If you are bored of the usual buffet spread, Rhombus Pizza is where you should check out. At $15, you get to help yourself to the selection of ingredients available and make as many four-inch pizzas as you can eat in 90 minutes. From spreading the sauce to adding toppings and baking the mini pizzas, everything is D-I-Y!

For the toppings, you can find meats like ham, sausage, and pepperoni all made of chicken meat as well as mushrooms, prawns, and capsicums. Besides the sweet toppings that are available for you to make your own desserts, they also have a corner with free-flow sides. Some dishes that you can find are spaghetti bolognese, mushroom soup, and baked chicken drumlets!

Find out more about our experience at Rhombus Pizza!

Address: 116 Changi Road, #01-02, WIS@Changi, Singapore 419718
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 1pm to 8:30pm
Tel: 9844 0210
Buffet price: $15
Rhombus Pizza is a Muslim-owned restaurant.

A season of feasting

In less than 30 days, we will be celebrating Christmas. And after that, there will be New Year’s Day. If you think this is finally the time to start your diet, forget about it and just enjoy the coming months of feasting! While this list of halal buffets should suffice to last you till the next year, we also have a list of hotel seafood buffets for those who are looking for something more atas!


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