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Huevos Review: Popular Mexican Restaurant In Bugis With Loaded Tacos, Habanero Wings And More

16th February 2024

Huevos has affordable Mexican food in Bugis


If I asked my friends to guess my favourite restaurant in Singapore, the answer would undoubtedly be Huevos. I’ve been hooked on their grub since their early days as a cosy one-storey gem in Bugis. Fast forward to today, with two spacious floors and a reputation for their hour-long queues, Huevos has become one of the most raved-about Mexican eateries on our little island.

Naturally, I was thrilled to be tasked with reviewing their food, and while I may be biased going into this review, I can’t wait to share why they deserve all the hype.

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Food at Huevos

Huevos offers a diverse menu featuring everything from loaded nachos and hearty burritos to tasty tacos and cheesy quesadillas. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, don’t hesitate to ask the friendly staff for their must-tries!

huevos Mushroom Toastada

We were recommended the Mushroom Toastada ($9++) to start—crispy toasted tortillas generously topped with creamy guacamole, zesty pico de gallo, smoky trinity mushrooms, and cotija cheese for that extra oomph.

Each bite was savoury, tangy, and sweet, and I enjoyed how the mushrooms added an earthy note to each bite. The guacamole definitely stole the show here, imparting a creamy and rich element to the dish.

habanero hot wings

My dining companion loves spicy food, so we ordered the Habanero Hot Wings ($9.90++) to try. A word of caution: this was super spicy. It comprised five chicken wings generously coated in a bright red, fiery house-made habanero mango salsa, which left a lingering spiciness on the tongue. The copious amount of mayonnaise on the chicken wings did little to alleviate the spiciness.

Despite being a bit messy to eat, we couldn’t resist licking the spicy, citrusy sauce off our fingers.

huevos habanero hot wings interaction

If I were to nitpick, some parts of the chicken skin were crispy, while others turned out a bit soggy. However, the meat itself was delightfully tender, which was certainly a plus.

Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla

For something less spicy, try the Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla ($16++). This gets you warm tortillas filled with smoky shredded chicken and melted cheese, generously coated in chipotle aioli and topped with tangy pico de gallo.

Portion-wise, I found the serving to be quite generous. For someone with a hearty appetite like myself, this dish alone was enough to fill me up.

huevos quesadilla

I enjoyed the well-balanced flavours here; the chipotle sauce provided a gentle kick without overwhelming the palate, while the cheese imparted a touch of savoury richness. Overall, this was one of my favourite dishes.

huevos birria beef tacos

The true MVP, however, had to be the Birria Beef Tacos, priced affordably at $15++ for two substantial pieces. These tacos are loaded with shredded beef short rib, tender brisket, chorizo, and a thicc layer of melted cheese. While my colleague found the cheese to be a bit jelak, I personally didn’t mind it at all. The pico de gallo also helped cut through the beefy flavours, adding a refreshing tang to every bite.

huevos beef consomme

This meaty goodness is served with a side of beef consomme. For the uninitiated, beef consomme is a filtered beef broth infused with a blend of herbs and spices. While I found the consomme at Huevos a tad oily, I’ve been informed that it’s characteristic of the broth. Savoury with a hint of saltiness, it can be enjoyed on its own or as a flavourful dip for the tacos.

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Ambience at Huevos

huevos storefront bugis

Huevos finds its cosy spot amidst the charming row of shophouses along North Bridge Road, alongside eateries such as Hou Lah and Whiskdom. Despite its modest entrance, it’s marked by a perpetual queue that’s hard to miss.

huevos bugis interior

Inside Huevos, you’re greeted with vibrant decor, adorned with hand-painted wall murals that add to its lively ambience. You can choose to dine downstairs or head upstairs to their alfresco area, where you’ll mostly find large tables for big groups.

We highly recommend making a reservation, especially considering Huevos’ popularity. However, if you’re walking in, arriving right at their opening time can increase your chances of snagging a seat without a wait.

Huevos is a seven-minute walk from Lavender MRT Station and a 12-minute walk from Bugis MRT Station.

The verdict

As a long-time fan of Huevos, I can confidently say that I’ve never left the place feeling anything less than satisfied. Their food is not only delicious but also comes in generous portions without burning a hole in your pocket. Even if you’re not typically a fan of Mexican food, I highly recommend giving Huevos a shot—you might just become a convert after one visit!

For more good food in Bugis, check out our Bugis food guide. Otherwise, head to Perghchicks at Haji Lane for spicy ayam percik and volcano curry rice.

Address: 803 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198771
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 11am to 3pm, 5:30pm to 10pm (Closed first Tuesday of each month)
Tel: 8484 4825
Huevos is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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Photos taken by Daryl Lim.
This was a media tasting at Huevos.

Huevos Review: Popular Mexican Restaurant In Bugis With Loaded Tacos, Habanero Wings And More
  • 9/10
    Huevos Review: Popular Mexican Restaurant In Bugis With Loaded Tacos, Habanero Wings And More - 9/10


– Delicious Mexican tacos and quesadillas with generous portions
– Diverse menu with affordable dishes
– Accessible location
– Inviting ambience and friendly staff

– Long queues
– Difficult to secure a reservation

Recommended dishes: Birria Beef Tacos ($15++) and Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla ($16++)

Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 11am to 3pm, 5:30pm to 10pm (Closed first Tuesday of each month)

Address: 803 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198771

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