IPPUDO Has 1-For-1 For All Ramen To Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary
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IPPUDO Has 1-For-1 For All Ramen To Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary

13th October 2020

IPPUDO celebrates 35 years with 1-for-1 ramen

This Friday, IPPUDO celebrates 35 years of serving their famous Hakata-style ramen with its annual 1-for-1 ramen promotion, which will only be available on 16 October this year.

35th Anniversary 1-for-1 RamenImage credit: IPPUDO Singapore

The famous ramen chain opened in Singapore to snaking queues back in 2009, and these queues return each year during their 1-for-1 promotions. This year will undoubtedly present the same at all of IPPUDO’s outlets islandwide.

IPPUDO veggie dashi ramen

Image credit: @ippudosg

Unlike previous years, however, this year’s promotion is applicable across all the ramen on IPPUDO’s menu, including their Veggie Dashi Ramen ($13), Chicken Shoyu ($17), Niku Soba ($18), Kuro Ramen ($19) and Bonito Tonkotsu ($19), all of which are exclusive to Singapore!

Alternatively, you can stick to IPPUDO’s classic Shiromaru Motoaji and Akamaru Shinaji, which usually go for $16 and $17 respectively in the most basic options. 

IPPUDO shiromaruImage credit: @ippudosg

Go for the Shiromaru to best enjoy the award-winning Hakata-style Silky Pork Broth that undergoes an 18-hour cooking process, together with IPPUDO’s proprietary noodles that are exactly 1.1mm thick.

IPPUDO AkamaruImage credit: @thefoodieanonymous

The Akamaru sees this classic topped up with IPPUDO’s specially blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil, which add additional richness and flavour to the regular tonkotsu ramen.

Spice lovers can consider opting for the Karaka-Men ($18), another variation of the Shiromaru, where a sweet and spicy miso paste that’s blended with Sichuan peppers is added to the broth.

With this promotion, you’ll be charged for the more expensive of the two ramen that you choose. It’s only available for one day, so be sure to hurry down to your nearest IPPUDO early on 16 October.

The outlets where you can go for this 1-for-1 deal are: Mandarin Galley, Mohamed Sultan, Westgate, Shaw Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Tanjong Pagar, The Star Vista and Raffles City.

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