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Ishiro Review: Japanese Rice Bowls With Iberico Pork Under $5.50 At Ang Mo Kio

6th September 2019

Cheap and filling rice bowls from Ishiro

Update: Ishiro has permanently closed.

flatlay of Ishiro rice bowls

If you crave for Japanese-style rice bowls, but have no plans to head to Japan anytime soon, you can check out a stall at Nanyang Polytechnic’s food court.  

Ishiro is a stall that specialises in hearty and affordable donburi topped with beef, pork or chicken with the option of additional toppings.

Rice bowls at Ishiro

flatlay of iberico pork rice bowls

I’m just going to jump straight into the star of Ishiro, the Iberico Pork Bowl ($5).

You might not have heard of Iberico pork before, so here’s some information in case you are curious. Iberico pork comes from the Black Iberian pig, which is native to some parts of Portugal and Spain. Its unique metabolism allows fats to infiltrate its muscles, giving its meat a richer flavour. Its fats is said to contain more than 50% of healthy fats, like those found in olive oil.

Ishiro pork

When I first bit into the meat, I was surprised that its well-marinated taste was not accompanied by the usual smell of pork. The pork was extremely flavourful and the meat meshed with the rice harmoniously, like how the thinly sliced beef in Japanese rice bowls should.

The meat was also cooked with slices of onion, which further enhanced its flavour profile with a mild sweetness. I enjoyed dipping the meat in perfectly soft-boiled yolk before consuming it for an added oomph.

bowl of chicken with mentaiko sauce and jiggly egg
The Chicken Bowl ($4.50) was the most disappointing of the lot and I ordered it with Mentaiko Sauce ($0.80).

There really isn’t much to say about the taste of the chicken meat. It was flavoured with soy and the texture sat somewhere between soft and hard. 

close-up of chicken

While it’s no gourmet experience, if you are a bro looking for a high-protein meal for gains, the chicken served was a rather generous portion.

The mentaiko sauce was delicious and added a creamy and rich flavour that helped break the many soy notes in the bowl.

Cheese over roast beef; rice bowl

Lastly, I had the Roast Beef Bowl ($5.50) topped with additional Cheese Sauce ($0.70). I ordered the Cheese Sauce for the sake of trying as many toppings for this review, but regretted it immediately. Cheese and beef probably only go well together in a burger.

The cheese is the liquidy type you would find on your cheese fries, so don’t expect brie or gorgonzola. That being said, if you love nacho cheese, you might enjoy this gooey, yellow layer. 

chopstick holding up roast beef

The first thing I noticed about the beef was its slightly pink tinge, which impressed me; somebody put a timer on this! True enough, the beef is as tender as can be. It was certainly a gourmet experience on a budget. 

Between the roast beef and Iberico pork, the pork’s marbled slices and its full flavour served the dish best, but the roast beef is a champ in its own right.

But there’s another unsung hero in all three bowls: the egg.

breaking the egg

All the eggs in the rice bowls were cooked to perfection. They sat beautifully next to the meat and when my chopsticks hit their surfaces to break them, they didn’t sink into the rice, staying fluffy until I deliberately stirred them in.  

The half-cooked yolk packed more flavour into the bowl, and the texture of the white and the yolk was creamy throughout the meal. Sadly, the rice did not shine as much as the meat or eggs, as it was overcooked and mushy.

Each bowl was also topped with tasty tempura flakes which added crunch to the soft textures in the bowl.

Ambience at Ishiro

A school canteen

The fastest way is through the overhead bridge on Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 , which brings you close to block P1. Take the lift or stairs to the basement, enter the Foodgle food court and you will find Ishiro at the Fusion Food stall. The ambience is pretty much what you’d expect: crowded with students during lunch time and relatively clean. There is an outdoor sitting area if you prefer an al fresco dining experience. 

You can check the opening hours of the polytechnic’s gates via Nanyang Polytechnic’s website.   

The verdict

Boy eating at Ishiro

Polytechnic students have it good these days,  What stands out for Ishiro are its tender, flavourful meats, consistent fluffy eggs, and its hearty portion, all for just $5.

Address: 180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Nanyang Polytechnic, Block P1 Foodgle Hub Canteen Stall 3 (Fusion Food), Singapore 569830
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 1pm
Tel: 8298 5157

Photos taken by Crystal Tan
This is an independent review by

  • 7/10
    - 7/10


– Delicious and tender meats
– Perfectly cooked eggs
– Speedy service despite queue
– Good value for money
– Big portion

– Noisy environment
– Nothing much else to do at the location
– Lack of vegetable side dishes

Recommended dishes: Iberico Pork Bowl ($5), Roast Beef Bowl ($5.50)

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 1pm

Address: 180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Nanyang Polytechnic, Block P1 Foodgle Hub Canteen Stall 3 (Fusion Food), Singapore 569830

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