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Jeong’s Jjajang Moves To Somerset With New XL Jjampong, Dry Jjajangmyeon And More

10th January 2024

Jeong’s Jjajang is now open on Killiney Road with new menu items

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When we reviewed Jeong’s Jjajang last year, they were a hawker stall in a Bukit Merah coffeeshop with a succinct menu of jjajangmyeon (JJM), jjampong, and accompaniments. Just this past weekend, they’ve soft launched at a new, even more central location on Killiney Road, just six minutes on foot from Somerset MRT Station!

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Native Korean Jeong Jun Seong is the man behind Jeong’s Jjajang, and he’s had more than two decades of experience cheffing all over the world before branching out to start his own stall serving Korean-Chinese fare. Top of the must-haves is their namesake dish, jjajangmyeon, which sees noodles doused in a thicc, black bean-based sauce.

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For those who have patronised Jeong’s Jjajang at their previous location, you’ll know that the noodles are handmade to order on the premises. Despite the larger capacity of the new restaurant, you can rest assured that your noods will not have changed to factory-produced versions. We enjoyed how springy and chewy they were, especially paired with the jjampong.

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The menu at Killiney Road is still in its soft launch phase, so some of the new additions are not available at the moment. Keep an eye on their Instagram page for more updates! The new location in the heart of Orchard Road also means prices have gone up—a bowl of Jjampong is priced at $20.79, with the option to upsize it for $4. If you’re there at lunch, it goes for $18.59 instead; otherwise, the Seafood Jeangbanjjampong ($41.69) is good for two to share!

Alternatively, treat yourself to King Deunggalbi Jjampong (from $30.69), which zhngs up the usual spicy seafood noodle soup with the addition of pork ribs, potentially enriching the broth for even deeper flavours.

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Of course, if it’s your first time at Jeong’s Jjajang, you should definitely give their Jjajang Myeon (from $11.99) a shot. We weren’t entirely won over by the one we had last year at the hawker stall, but they might have updated their recipe since then. New to the lineup is Ganjjajangmyeon (from $20.79), which is a dry version of the same dish. There’s also a Vegan Jjajangmyeon (from $18.59), where you’ll get fried tofu and mushroom instead, and Jaengbanjja Jjajangmyeon ($36.19)—the XL version.

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Tangsuyuk (from $22.44) remains on the menu, albeit as a larger portion. For a non-pork fried dish, check out Kkanpunggi (from $28.49), a spicy garlic chicken stir-fry, or Beef Lion Tangsuyuk (from $47.89).

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Other new dishes on the menu at Jeong’s Jjajang include Jjinmandu ($14.74), AKA steamed handmade dumplings, Kimchi-jeon ($22.99), and even Bosam (from $58.30), which gets you boiled pork shoulder served with kimchi and other side dishes.

K-food fans, another new Korean spot in town for you to check out is D’RIM Korean Steak House at Mandarin Gallery, who have perilla soba noodles on the menu! You could also check out Hankang Pocha in Tanjong Pagar for affordable Korean fare.

Address: 75 Killiney Road, Singapore 239529
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm
Jeong’s Jjajang is not a halal-certified eatery

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