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Jie Bakery Is Now Open In Farrer Park, Get Old-School Rainbow Bread Here

6th March 2024

Jie Bakery is now open in City Square Mall

If you, like me, love your old-school breads but don’t drive, you’ll be so happy to know that the super famous Jie Bakery has finally opened in City Square Mall! Unlike their OG outlet in Tai Seng, which is a 350m trek from the MRT station, this new kiosk is conveniently located in Basement Two of the Farrer Park mall. In other words, directly connected via underpass to the train station.

jie bakery city square mall - storefront
Image credit: Jie Traditional Bread Bakery

You can head down anytime now, because they started operations on 1 March 2024. Where the sign at their Tai Seng outlet reads Jie Traditional Bread, this kiosk is named Jie Traditional Bakery. Rest assured however, that they are one and the same.

Jie Bakery: Traditional Bakery With Rainbow Bread In Tai Seng, Open Since 1980s

jie bakery tai seng storefront
Image credit: Tan Sim Loong Edwin (edventurer)

For those of you who want the lowdown on this bakery, they’ve been in operation since  1988. We’ll take the math out of this for you and let you know that Jie Bakery has been churning out their famous rainbow loaves and old-school bread for 36 years now.

jie bakery tai seng - rainbow loaves
Image credit: @di_di_jiak

Walk up to their shop in Tai Seng, and you’ll find loaves of the rainbow-swirled bread all ready to be sliced. In fact, you’ll be able to smell the toasty smells of baking bread before you even reach the unit. It’s not clear whether they’ll be baking the loaves fresh at City Square Mall, but it appears from the photos posted on their Facebook page that the bread is all ready-packed into plastic bags in the display.

jie bakery tai seng - rainbow bread slice
Image credit: @di_di_jiak

If you find the thought of colourful bread offputting, there’s also plain white bread of similar, old-school quality: ultra fluffy and so pillowy soft each slice can barely stand on its own. Purchase the bread from $2.40, or with your choice of spread from $4.

jie bakery tai seng - spreading on rainbow bread
Image credit: @hungrlyn

Just like in Tai Seng, you’ll be able to order sandwiches here, spread with your choice of jam, peanut butter, butter, which is actually margarine, pandan kaya and traditional—though we are not quite sure what this is.

Big Bakery: Old-School Apple Crumble Made By Hand At This 30-Year-Old Bakery

jie bakery city square mall - spreads for sale
Image credit: Jie Traditional Bread Bakery

If you want to recreate the experience at home, all the spreads are available for sale in tubs priced at $2.30.

jie bakery tai seng - slicing rainbow bread
Image credit: @hungrlyn

The various loaves on sale at Jie Bakery’s City Square Mall kiosk are pre-sliced. Though not baked on these premises, they’re most likely transported over from Tai Seng on the daily, since everything is baked fresh there every day with no preservatives. The bread only has a shelf life of three days!

It also appears that this new Farrer Park kiosk has a selection of drinks for sale. We’ll update this post with more information when we have it.

Watch our YouTube video on old-school bakeries in Singapore to find out more about what to buy at Jie Bakery!

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Old-School Traditional Bakeries! | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 44

For more old-school bakeries, check out our guide to the best traditional bakeries in town. If by some chance you’re headed to Tai Seng, pop into Big Bakery for handmade apple pies that are a blast from the past.

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, B2-K2, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
Opening hours: TBD
Tel: 9823 9829
Jie Bakery is not a halal-certified eatery

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Feature image adapted from Jie Traditional Bread Bakery, @hungrlyn

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