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KitKat Has New Roti Prata, Laksa, Cendol Durian & Bubur Cha Cha Flavours

15th November 2019

KitKat has new roti prata and other local flavours

Kitkat Singapore Roti Prata

Ever since Kitkat Chocolatory came to Singapore in April 2019 at VivoCity, we have been blessed with wacky chocolate flavours. Previous flavours include nasi lemak, chilli crab, and ondeh-ondeh. This Christmas, KitKat Chocolatory is back at it again with six new flavours including Roti Prata with Fish Curry.

Kitkat Singapore Roti Prata with Curry

Image credit: @kitkatmalaysia 

Out of the eight, five are limited-edition flavours that are inspired by popular local dishes and drinks. The most outstanding one is the Roti Prata with Fish Curry, which has a tinge of spice and is topped with crispy prata pastry for texture. This is way weirder than F.EAST’s Egg Prata Potato Chips which reminded us of curry-flavoured Twisties.

Inspired by 328 Katong Laksa is the Singapore Laksa KitKat, which has actual taupok and laksa leaves on it! Cray cray.

Kitkat Singapore Rose Bandung

Image credit: @sara_awg 

Not all the new flavours are savoury and weird though. There’s also the Nyonya Bubur Cha Cha, which has an orange and purple hue, with coconut shavings decorating the bar. If you love the floral milky taste of bundung, then you will be pleased with the Rose Bandang KitKat. Making it an even more decadent treat is the addition of rose petals and raspberries. 

Kitkat Singapore Cendol Durian

Image credit: @kitkatmalaysia 

Our top pick is the Cendol Durian, boasting gula melaka, coconut and durian. This is definitely a safe option, as durian and chocolate are known to be a match made in heaven.

Since Christmas is here, KitKat Chocolatory has also rolled out three Christmassy flavours including Mrs Claus’ Christmas Fruit Cake with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg; Santa’s Gingerbread Men redolent with ginger spices; as well as a Tiramisu featuring crushed roasted hazelnuts. To be honest, while I love my local food, I am looking forward to these three Christmas creations more, as they sound more pleasant in terms of taste. 

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