LUNA Patisserie Has A New Black Sesame Roll Cake And Hojicha Tiramisu
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LUNA Patisserie Has A New Black Sesame Roll Cake And Hojicha Tiramisu

9th October 2020

New desserts at LUNA

Luna storefront

If you’ve seen our review on LUNA, you’d know that they serve unique and beautifully constructed cakes. Cafe hoppers and dessert fiends flock to this artisanal patisserie to get their hands on slices of the decadent Orh Nee Cake and Matcha White Chocolate. They have now expanded their menu with more eye-catching sweet treats.

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Goma Kinako Mochi Roll
Image credit: LUNA  

Pamper your taste buds with their new sesame-packed dessert, the Goma Kinako Mochi Roll ($8), made with Japanese black sesame paste and black sesame Chantilly cream. This sweet and nutty treat is topped with a savoury sesame streusel and kinako-dusted (roasted soybean flour) mochi cubes for a crunchy and chewy texture. 

Hojicha Tiramisu
Image credit: LUNA  

LUNA puts their own spin on the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu, by flavouring it with hojicha, which is a Japanese roasted green tea. Topped with a dusting of hojicha powder, the Hojicha Tiramisu ($8) is a fluffy coffee-less chiffon cake with a crunchy feuilletine (sweet crêpe) base and a rich mascarpone mousse centre. You can expect a harmony of sweet and smoky flavours from this hojicha-infused cake.     

Remember to get your cameras ready for an exciting waterfall-like display as the lava top spills out once you remove the plastic sheet that wraps around the dessert!. 

These cakes are available in-store and online. Satisfy your sweet tooth and try out their newly-released goodies!

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Address: 53 Amoy Street, Singapore 069879
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm to 6pm, Sat 12pm to 6pm, Sun 12pm to 4pm

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