Main Street Commissary Review: Cafe Owned By Creative Agency Serves Brunch Food And More In Jalan Besar
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Main Street Commissary Review: Affordable Cafe Brunch And Valrhona Chocolare Cake In Jalan Besar

6th July 2021

Main Street Commissary at Jalan Besar

main street commissary flatlay

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of cafe brunch food anymore, in fact I think the whole concept of it has made me rather jaded. However, upon discovering the existence of Main Street Commissary recently, the cafe piqued my interest because of the people behind it. Unlike others, this place is run by a local creative agency, PROTOCOL, collab-ing with local eatery Bearded Bella to offer an interesting specialty coffee experience. 

Located in a shophouse along Rowell Road, they serve both sweet and savoury food, with all-day breakfast and their cakes being crowd favourites. I headed down with a dining companion to find out more about what their whole schtick was about.

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Food at Main Street Commissary

main street commissary breakfast of champions

My hunger drove me to start with the Breakfast Of Champions ($12+). You can say the dish is bao ga liao, with a garlic pepper sausage, scrambled eggs, roasted mushrooms, salad greens, and even crispy sourdough toast as well. To add on to that, I couldn’t resist topping up a portion of Smoked Salmon ($3+) as well.

main street commissary breakfast of champions fork on egg

The chunky garlic sausage had a nice lean meat to fat ratio while being well-seasoned enough. Buttery and creamy, the scrambled eggs added a pleasant fluffiness to the dish, while the mushrooms brought a juiciness that I enjoyed. 

main street commissary salmon

Additionally, the smoked salmon injected a savoury-saltiness which complemented the eggs and mushrooms particularly well. I wouldn’t imagine people with smaller appetites enjoying this dish very much, as it can really be a “big breakfast” for some.

main street commissary avo toast intro

The epitome of basic brunch food would be the Avocado Toast ($10+) and I wanted to see how their version matched up. As expected, sliced avocados and poached eggs resting atop toasted sourdough bread, served together with alfalfa sprouts for good measure.

Creamy with slight nutty notes, the avocados were soft enough, though a little too mild-tasting and bland for my liking. Also, the sauce drizzled over the toast was a little too overpowering, with its sourness permeating the whole dish, masking some of the taste from the avocados and eggs.

main street commissary avo toast egg cut

Yet, the poached eggs were pleasantly done, runny and molten in the centre, pairing well with the avocados and bread.

main street commissary valrhona chocolate cake

Not many things in life can be as irresistible as chocolate, so the Valrhona Chocolate Cake ($6.50+) was a must-try, at least for me. It’s perhaps more common to find this premium French chocolate brand in higher-end restaurants, so I was extra hyped to try their version of this dessert right here.

main street commissary chocolate cake fork

Richer than your usual chocolate cake, the slice was fudgy and decadent enough. But, what really stood out was how dense it was, full of both sweetness and bitterness. I’d imagine some getting rather jelak already after just a few forkfuls of cake.

main street commissary earl grey cake intro

A lighter alternative would be the Earl Grey Cake ($6.50+), equally tasty despite not being as creamy and decadent. 

main street commissary earl grey on fork

With flowery notes peppering the cake, each bite was a little milky yet citrusy at the same time. I’d have to credit them for how soft and moist the sponge was, allowing it to be an ideal post-meal indulgence that doesn’t bloat you.

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Ambience at Main Street Commissary

main street commissary ambience 1

Main Street Commissary doesn’t exactly scream convenience, as the cafe is actually about a 15 to 20-minute walk from Jalan Besar MRT Station.

main street commissary ambience 2

Its interior is beautiful though, with an open kitchen concept making your experience extra interactive. The vibes are extremely laid-back, with the entire cafe spotted with wooden tables and furniture that are spaced out well.

The verdict

main street commissary verdict

Despite my qualms about the ubiquity of basic cafes, I do feel Main Street Commissary has a lot more to offer, as they do have a decently extensive menu including salad bowls, specialty coffee, and even other pastries. 

We’d recommend visiting for their coffee and cakes, as they are indeed working with a former National Barista Champion in their midst. The Valrhona Chocolate Cake and Earl Grey Cake stood out to us as they were definitely better than average and suited different palates well.

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Address: 81 Rowell Road, Singapore 208014
Opening hours: Daily 9am to 5pm
Tel: 8884 0096
Main Street Commissary is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
This was an independent review by

Main Street Commissary Review: Cafe Owned By Creative Agency Serves Brunch Food And More In Jalan Besar
  • 7/10
    - 7/10



– Cakes are decadent and tasty
– Ambience is very laid-back and cosy


– Menu items are pretty standard in cafes around
– Avocado toast can get overwhelmingly sour after a while

Recommended dishes: Valrhona Chocolate Cake ($6.50+), Earl Grey Cake ($6.50+)

Opening hours: Daily 9am to 5pm

Address: 81 Rowell Road, Singapore 208014

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