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Old Chang Kee To Launch Mala Chicken Camou Puffs For A Limited Time Only

27th June 2022

Old Chang Kee Mala Chicken Camou Puff

Image credit: @oldchangkeesingapore

If you were a fan of Old Chang Kee‘s Camou Curry Puffs when they first launched in 2020, here’s some good news for you. The homegrown brand will be re-launching its limited-edition Camou Puff in an all-new Mala Chicken flavour from 1 to 3 July 2022, in celebration of SAF day.

old chang kee mala chicken camou puff
Image credit: @oldchangkeesingapore

The new Old Chang Kee Mala Chicken Camou Puff retails for $2.50 apiece, and will be available across all outlets islandwide. NSmen can top up $3 (U.P. $3.30) to get a side of Chicken Chunky Pops with Nacho Cheese. Simply present your SAFRA card or e-Card, 11B or HomeTeamNS card to enjoy the offer.

Old Chang Kee Has Limited-Edition Camou Curry Puffs On SAF Day

Each puff is filled with mala-marinated chicken cubes and peanuts, and wrapped with puff pastry that features the iconic army camouflage pattern. It’s then deep-fried to golden brown perfection. for a satisfyingly crisp exterior.

curry bao and curry puff
Image credit: @fred.and.chloe

If you prefer something lighter, try Old Chang Kee’s Curry Chicken Bao ($1.60), a steamed version of their famous fried curry puff. Filled with curry chicken and potato chunks, it’s encased in soft and fluffy bao skin instead of the regular puff pastry. Do note that this snack is only available at Old Chang Kee Coffee House in Tanjong Pagar and Change Alley Mall (#B1-33).

old chang kee black sesame balls

There’s also the Black Sesame Ball ($1.70), another popular item Old Chang Kee recently rolled out. Perfect for those who love the earthy and nutty flavours of black sesame, this sweet snack sees a generous amount of rich black sesame paste held within a QQ mochi-like dough.

Old Chang Kee Has New Gooey Black Sesame Balls At $1.70

If you need more recommendations on what to order at Old Chang Kee, watch out Youtube video below, where we tried every item from the kiosk.

We Ranked Every Old Chang Kee Snack! | Eatbook Tier List | EP 3
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We Ranked Every Old Chang Kee Snack! | Eatbook Tier List | EP 3

For more noteworthy puffs in Singapore, read our Fang Handmade Curry Puff review for fresh and affordable puffs near Tai Seng MRT Station. Alternatively, if you’re craving old-school desserts, check out our Darkness Dessert review for black sesame paste and more in Tanjong Pagar.

Full list of outlets 

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