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Market Blue To Have Pop-Up With Famous Korean Bakeries, Get Over 50 Types Of Bread

15th August 2023

Market Blue to have pop-up with famous Korean bakeries in Orchard

Market Blue - storefront

It was not too long ago that Market Blue made waves on the Internet when they first opened with a ramyeon library and Korean mochi doughnuts from Donas8. This time, they are running an exciting pop-up from 24 August to 29 August 2023, with two famous Korean bakeries from Daegu: St. Geundae Bakery and Bakery 1946.

We don’t have much information on hand for now, but we’re certain that you’ll be spoilt for choices as there will be 55 types of bread during the pop-up, based on Market Blue’s Instagram post

market-blue-korean-bakeries-red-bean-bun (8)
Image credit: @daegubbang

First up, St. Geundae Bakery—we surmise that you’ll most likely get to try their Red Bean Bun as it’s one of their best-selling items on the menu. It features a fluffy bun packed with sweetened red bean filling that’s said to be not too sweet. In Korea, this bun costs KRW2,200, or around S$2.24.

market-blue-korean-bakeries-fresh-cream-red-bean-bun (4)
Image credit: @daegubbang

Another must-try is their Fresh Cream Red Bean Bun, which costs KRW3,300 in Korea, or approximately S$3.36. This bun features a golden ratio of fresh cream and red bean. Many Koreans have a huge liking for fresh cream buns, so you can expect to see a few selections like this number at the upcoming pop-up. 

market-blue-korean-bakeries-st-geundae-bakery-storefront (7)
Image credit: @daegubbang

If you’re visiting Korea sometime soon, St. Geundae Bakery might be worth a visit, as it looks pretty grand based on the photo above. 

market-blue-korean-bakeries-apple-bread (1)
Image credit: @suhyeongdang

Moving on to Bakery 1946, one of their signature items is the Daegu Apple Bread, priced at KRW3,900 in Korea, or S$3.97. Each bun comes with a foam mesh packaging, and there’s even an apple “stem” complete with a sprig of mint. It’s no wonder that at first blush, this hyperrealistic bread may be mistaken for a real apple. 

market-blue-korean-bakeries-apple-bread-filling (2)
Image credit: @suhyeongdang

Tear it into half, and you’ll find that the Daegu Apple Bread is brimming with cream cheese and apple jam. 

market-blue-korean-bakeries-black-sesame-mammoth-bread (3)
Image credit: @suhyeongdang

We also hope to see their Black Sesame Mammoth Bread which is essentially a crumbly streusel bread filled with black sesame cream. This will surely turn your crank if you’re a fan of black sesame! It’s priced at KRW5,800 in Korea, or about S$5.90. 

market-blue-korean-bakeries-pop-up-details (5)
Image credit: @marketblue_official

Do note that the pop-up will be held at Market Blue in Tanglin Mall from 24 August to 29 August. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on their Instagram page

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Address: 163 Tanglin Road, #B1-122, Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933
Opening hours: Daily 10:30am to 4pm, 5:30pm to 10pm
Market Blue is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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Feature image adapted from @dw2yu, @daegubbang and @dessert_hv.

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