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Snap Cafe Review: Minimalist Cafe In Tanjong Pagar With Korean-Inspired Pastries 

27th July 2023

Snap Cafe in Tanjong Pagar has Korean-inspired pastries

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Whenever I’m away from Korea, there are many things I miss—one of which is my home country’s cafe scene. And the best way to go about this is simple: be on the lookout for cafes in Singapore that bear close resemblance to those in Korea. For this reason, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Snap Cafe, a minimalist cafe in Tanjong Pagar with Korean-inspired pastries, had their grand opening in July 2023. 

Food at Snap Cafe

Snap-Cafe-flatlay (10)

There are six types of Korean-inspired pastries here, namely: Honeycomb Granola ($8++), Hotteok Sticky Roll ($6++), Black Sesame Cheesecake Crumble ($6++), Sweet Potato Pound Cake ($5++), Soy Caramel Scone ($5++), and Matcha Injeolmi Canele ($4++). After much thought, we decided on a Black Sesame Cheesecake Crumble and Matcha Injeolmi Canele. Additionally, we got their signature Honey-Baked Chicken Ham & Cheese ($9++) as well as Iced Pistachio Espresso Latte ($8++)

Snap-Cafe-black-sesame-cheesecake-crumble (6)

As profane as it may sound, I’m not big on cheesecakes. But I’m partial to black sesame, which explains why I gave their Black Sesame Cheesecake Crumble a shot. And oh boy, this delightful dessert turned out to be my favourite. 

Snap-Cafe-black-sesame-cheesecake-crumble (8)

This isn’t your typical cheesecake with sweet and tangy notes from the cream cheese. Instead, the nuttiness of black sesame is prominent, while the cheesy flavour remains relatively mild. I particularly appreciated that the black sesame was not overpowering to the extent that you feel jelak after a few bites. As its name suggests, you can expect a crumbly texture. But not to worry, as the cheesecake doesn’t disintegrate into a mess, and it remains intact for the most part. 

Snap-Cafe-injeolmi-matcha-canele (1)

My runner-up is Matcha Injeolmi Canele, which features a caramelised crust partially dusted with injeolmi AKA powdered soybeans, and a centre filled with matcha custard. For those who aren’t familiar with injeolmi, just think of muah chee with soybean powder instead of ground peanuts. 

Snap-Cafe-injeolmi-matcha-canele (11)

My colleague and I waited for the canele to cool down a little as it was served fresh from the oven. We didn’t mind waiting as texture is crucial to canele—it has to be slightly crispy and caramelised on the outside, yet moist on the inside. Their Matcha Injeolmi Canele almost ticked all the boxes, but if I had to nitpick, the crust could be crispier for an enhanced textural contrast. The matcha custard filling was the saving grace as it wasn’t bitter or grassy—instead, you get a smooth and sweet finish. Overall, this pastry is a must-try even if you’re not one for matcha-flavoured things.

Snap-Cafe-ham-and-cheese-toast (3)

Sourdough toasties are a signature here, and among the four flavours available, their Honey-Baked Chicken Ham & Cheese is said to be the most popular one. 

Snap-Cafe-cheese-pull (5)

This sandwich features a slice of chicken ham and a decent layer of melted mozzarella cheese stuffed between two slices of sourdough bread. The mozzarella cheese wasn’t as densely packed as what we’d expected in a grilled cheese sandwich, but it was still sufficient enough for a cheese pull. While the toastie makes for a good breakfast choice, I do think the sourdough slices could be thicker for more crunch. Besides the classic ham and cheese, you can also try their Korean Spicy Chix & Egg ($12++), Gochujang Prawn ($12++) or Triple Cheese ($9++) sandwiches.

Snap-Cafe-pistachio-espresso (9)

The beverage menu here sees coffee, tea, and sparkling refreshers, but what stood out to me was their Iced Pistachio Espresso Latte. I’ve never chanced upon a drink that combines pistachio and coffee, so I placed an order in a heartbeat. According to the staff, a viscous syrup similar to the consistency of pistachio butter is the key ingredient here, and it’s made with 100% nuts. The syrup is then mixed with milk and two shots of espresso. 

While the combination of pistachio and coffee didn’t sound puzzling to me, I personally thought the two weren’t the best match for each other. The strong nuttiness of pistachio clashed with the bitterness of espresso, resulting in a weird aftertaste. Though it wasn’t my cup of tea, I believe this drink will turn the crank of many others who love pistachio. Plus, I think it’s worth mentioning that the creamy body paired with bits of pistachio nuts made the beverage an interesting one nonetheless. 

Ambience at Snap Cafe 

Snap-Cafe-ambience (4)

Snap Cafe is located in the bustling CBD, a two-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. The cafe houses about eight tables, with most seats catered to smaller groups. Though compact in size, it offers a cosy and calm ambience amidst the hubbub of the city. It’s conveniently located for office goers to have a speedy meeting over a cup of coffee, and works as an ideal space for bibliophiles to read during off-peak timings. If you fall into the latter category, I recommend heading down in the morning to avoid the lunchtime crowd!

The verdict

This new addition to the CBD almost feels like a breath of fresh air as it’s not every day you get to try Korean-inspired treats in the heart of the city. Currently, their items on the menu are playing it safe, so I do wish Snap Cafe would introduce bolder ideas in the near future. All aside, it’s worth a visit if you frequent the CBD, or simply want to try something a little different from the regular bakes. 

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Address: 21 McCallum Street, #01-01/02 The Clift, Singapore 069047
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm, Sat-Sun 9am to 5pm
Snap Cafe is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Snap Cafe Review: Minimalist Cafe In Tanjong Pagar With Korean-Inspired Pastries
  • 7/10
    Snap Cafe Review: Minimalist Cafe In Tanjong Pagar With Korean-Inspired Pastries - 7/10


– Offers a variety of Korean-inspired pastries
– Convenient location 

– Honey-Baked Chicken Ham & Cheese toastie is not the most value for money
– Limited seats 

Recommended dishes: Black Sesame Cheesecake Crumble ($6++), Matcha Injeolmi Canele ($4++)

Address: 21 McCallum Street, #01-01/02 The Clift, Singapore 069047

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm, Sat-Sun 9am to 5pm 

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