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Famous Wagyu Ramen By Tokyo’s Wagyumafia Is Coming To Singapore

23rd January 2024

Mashi no Mashi is opening at Guoco Midtown in Bugis

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Image credit: @mashinomashi

Thrilling news for ramen aficionados: Wagyu ramen joint Mashi no Mashi is opening in town this March!

mashi no mashi - hoarding

With outlets in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and Tokyo, this marks their first-ever foray into the Southeast Asian market, with their hoarding spotted at none other than Guoco Midtown in Bugis, next door to new udon eatery Umai Artisanal Udon Bar.

Founded by Hisato Hamada, the chef-owner of cult favourite Wagyu specialist Wagyumafia, this ramen joint was inspired by his childhood memories, serving what he sees as the ultimate comfort food—ramen. Not just any ramen, but Wagyu ramen, his Wagyujiro (price TBD), which you’ll only find at their Tokyo store, claiming to be the world’s first 100% Wagyu ramen.

mashi no mashi - wagyujiro
Image credit: @mashinomashi

Ramen Jiro in Japan is something of a legend for its massive portions, with a mountain of bean sprouts and raw garlic, and pork fat-laden shoyu broth. Wagyujiro is Hamada’s Wagyu-based interpretation of the dish; its broth is cooked with Kobe beef ribs and thigh bones for 24 hours, flavoured with shoyu made exclusively for them that’s barrel-aged for eight whole years.

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mashi no mashi - wagyu chashu
Image credit: @mashinomashi

It stars house-made noodles, is topped with Wagyu chashu that’s stewed for eight hours, and finished with fresh cabbage, bean sprouts, and garlic—at their Tokyo restaurant, these are specially grown organically for them.

mashi no mashi - tokusei wagyu tsukemen
Image credit: Lenson Chong

If that isn’t tantalising enough to lure you to Mashi no Mashi when they open, the Tokusei Wagyu Tsukemen (price TBD), previously only available in Hong Kong, is said to be making its way here too.

The broth is similarly boiled for 24 hours, though served as a thicker, richer dipping sauce; the bowl here is topped with slow-cooked Ozaki beef brisket, and torched till it’s meltingly tender.

mashi no mashi - wagyu gyoza
Image credit: @mashinomashi

Also said to be coming to the Singapore outlet is the Wagyu Gyoza (price TBD), stuffed with 100% Ozaki beef and minced leeks and cabbage, fried to crispy ends and paired with their house-made ‘Wagyusco’ hot sauce.

It’s unclear what the Singapore menu will be like, though a Tatler Asia exclusive reports that it will be similar to that of Mashi no Mashi’s Hong Kong and Tokyo stores.

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mashi no mashi - wagyu donburi
Image credit: @crystallovesavocado

As such, one might hope to also see Wagyu Donburi (price TBD) here in Singapore, where slices of seared Ozaki beef are draped over hot rice and finished with a single raw Japanese egg yolk.

While you await this exciting new opening, head to Sushi to Sumi, Singapore’s first standing omakase bar, where prices start from a wallet-friendly $30++ for 11 courses! Otherwise, there’s Moss Cross Tokyo, a popular Tokyo restaurant which has also opened here.

Address: 124 Beach Road, #01-04, Guoco Midtown, Singapore 189771
Opening hours: TBD
Tel: TBD
Mashi no Mashi is not a halal-certified eatery

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Feature image adapted from @mashinomashi, @crystallovesavocado

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