McDonald’s Minions Series Returns With A Yuzu Pie And Smoky Cheese Sauce
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McDonald’s Minions Series Returns With A Yuzu Pie And Smoky Cheese Sauce

31st August 2020

McDonald’s returns with their Minion-themed series 

McDonald's Minion Cover Image

Be prepared! Everyone’s favourite Minions are back to take over McDonald’s with a series of fun-filled offerings and hot deals in the month of September, featuring the brand new Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce, Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie and Melon Waffle Cone.

McDonald’s McGriddles And McGriddles Stack Have Returned

Chicken McNuggets 9pcs
Image credit: McDonald’s®

From 3 September, the crowd-pleasing 9pc Chicken McNuggets a la carte will be available for only $5, as opposed to the usual price of $6.35. 

Happy Sharing Box
Image credit: McDonald’s

Amp up the nugget experience with McDonald’s new Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Dip, which is available exclusively with every purchase of the Chicken McNuggets and Happy Sharing Box. On top of that, get your hands on their Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle at $5.50 with any purchase of Chicken McNuggets or Happy Sharing Box at all McDonald’s outlets from 17 September 2020, while stock lasts. 

New Minion Potatoes
Image credit: McDonald’s

If you’re seeking an alternative to the classic fries, go for the 6pc Minion Potatoes at just $2. This army of fluffy little potato Minions would definitely put a smile on anybody’s face. 

New Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie
Image credit: McDonald’s®

Indulge in their new Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie ($1.50) for a citrusy and creamy post-meal snack, which is available at all outlets. 

New Melon Waffle Cone
Image credit: McDonald’s®

Alternatively, opt for the creamy and refreshing Melon Waffle Cone ($2) that’s exclusively available at all dessert kiosks from 3 September 2020, while stocks last.

New Spicy Chicken McNuggets Feast
Image credit: McDonald’s®

McDonald’s will also offer value-for-money deals such as the Spicy Chicken McNuggets Feast for $8.55, which consists of their 9pc Spicy Chicken McNuggets, Fries (M), Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, as well as the Yuzu McFizz that can quench your thirst in the scorching heat. The Spicy Chicken McNuggets Feast and Chicken McNuggets® Feast ($8.35) will be available at all outlets, and via McDelivery and GrabFood.

Stay tuned for more upcoming 1-for-1 deals on the McDonald’s app, starting from 10 September 2020

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