Milksha Has New Kyoho Grape Bubble Tea Available at All Outlets For A Limited Time Only |
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Milksha Has New Kyoho Grape Bubble Tea Available at All Outlets For A Limited Time Only

12th September 2022

New Milksha Kyoho Grapes Series

milksha-kyoho-grapes-drinksImage credit: Milksha Singapore

With the recent news of Taiwan dropping Singapore’s visa-free privileges, it’s harder now to make a trip down for our street food and BBT fix. Thankfully, we have no shortage of Taiwanese bubble tea brands in Singapore for whenever the cravings hit. One popular name is Milksha, which has just released three seasonal drinks—Kyoho Grape Green Tea, Kyoho Grape Frostea with Milk Foam, and Kyoho Grape Milkshake— to commemorate the grapes’ harvest season.

Image credit: Milksha Singapore

All drinks from the limited-run series are made from Kyoho grapes, and include a blend of sweet and zesty flavours. If freshness is important to you, you’ll be glad to know that Milksha imports these special grapes directly from Taiwan.

Image credit: Milksha Singapore

First up is the Kyoho Grape Green Tea ($6.30), a refreshing thirst quencher for Singapore’s erratic weather. The drink comes with aloe vera cubes for extra bite, and you can top up $1 for the chain’s signature Honey Pearls.

Image credit: Milksha Singapore

There’s also the Kyoho Grape Frostea with Milk Foam ($6.90) if you’re looking for something sweet and creamy. The drink sports a reddish-purple hue and a thick layer of foam for an added layer of sweetness.

Image credit: Milksha Singapore

Milkshake lovers can go for the Kyoho Grape Milkshake ($6.30), which comprises a blend of Kyoho grapes and full cream milk. The milkshake comes in a mix of soft purple hues and is said to have a smooth and velvety texture.

Image credit: Milksha Singapore

Those who purchase more than two drinks from the Kyoho Grapes series can walk away with a complimentary thermal drawstring bag available in four colours: blue, turquoise, pink, and purple. To redeem the bag, simply flash their promotion post on Telegram, Instagram or Facebook.

The Milksha Kyoho Grapes Series is available across all Milksha outlets for a limited time only, or until the grapes run out.

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Milksha is not halal-certified but does not include pork, lard or alcohol.

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Feature image adapted from Milksha Singapore.

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