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Taiwan’s Famous Monga Fried Chicken To Open In Singapore

20th August 2019

Monga Fried Chicken From Taiwan  

Monga Fried Chicken (5)Image credits: @mongasingapore

Yesterday, we heard that popular Korean fried chicken specialist, Mom’s Touch, is about to set up shop in September 2019. Known for their juicy chicken burgers and crispy Korean fried chicken, the fast-food chain will open at the new Paya Lebar Quarter. 

Piling on the good news for fried chicken lovers is Taiwan’s Monga Fried Chicken‘s opening in Singapore!

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The popular Taiwanese fried chicken chain gets its name from the Wanhua district of Taiwan, which is traditionally known as Monga. This vibrant neighbourhood is also home to the bustling Snake Alley night market and is Taipei’s oldest district.

Monga Fried Chicken (9)

What makes their chicken so special is how they’re cut into a thick slice, with a minimum of two-cm thickness. This ensures that the chicken stays nice and juicy, even after being deep fried. 

They also add a generous drizzle of honey instead of sugar during the chicken’s marination process. We’ve yet to try it personally, but Monga claims that the honey helps to tenderise the meat while giving it a mild sweetness. 

Monga Fried Chicken (3)

There will also be flavoured chicken on the menu. Taiker ($6.90) is a seaweed-flavoured fried chicken, and comes covered in specks of seaweed powder. They’re also set to bring in a spicy variant known as Hot Chick ($6.90), and even fried chicken skins ($3.90) for even easier snacking. 

brown sugar bubble tea
Image credits: @mongacanada

The Monga store in Canada also serves up Brown Sugar Bubble Tea. We’re unsure if they’ll be bringing it to Singapore, but juicy fried chicken and creamy bubble tea is definitely a combination that can’t go wrong together. We’re keeping our fingers crossed on this.

The official Monga Singapore Instagram account says that they’re coming to Singapore soon. We’re unsure of the official opening date, but watch this space for the latest updates!

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Feature image adapted from @mongasingapore and @elainesheila

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