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Nayuki Has 1-For-1 Drinks Till 31 May 2020

26th May 2020

1-for-1 drinks at Nayuki

Nayuki 1-for-1 - Image 1Image credit: Nayuki Singapore’s Facebook page

Nayuki now has a 1-for-1 deal on all their drink items until 31 May 2020! This promotion is only available for takeaway, and can be redeemed at Nayuki outlets at VivoCity and Funan. The popular chain has more than 180 stores in mainland China, selling fruity teas with soft-euro bakes. 

Nayuki 1-for-1 - Image 2

Nayuki’s tea blends are refreshingly sweet yet light on the palate. Cheese lovers will be glad to hear that Nayuki pairs the fruity tea flavours with cheese, which can be found on top of each drink in the form of a smooth, foamy layer. 

Try their Cheese Ali Mountain Dew ($5.50), which features their award-winning Alisan Mountain Dew Tea that’s fragrant and well-balanced. Savour the creamy cheese foam with the earthy tea to elevate the whole experience. 

Berry fans will love the Supreme Cheese Strawberry Tea ($8.30), which consists of smoothly blended strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The tea is sweet and refreshing, with the smooth cheese foam providing slightly salty punches.

Nayuki 1-for-1 - Image 3

Munch on Nayuki’s signature baked goods while sipping on your fav’ drinks. The sweet tea blends will nicely wash down the richness of the buns.

Get a taste of their Magic Mango Mystique ($6.80) that’s full of decadent mango goodness. The bread is filled with juicy chunks of sweet mango that’s beautifully mixed with luxurious whipped cream.

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