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This Old-School Bakery In Beauty World Has $0.70 Muffins, Yam Mousse Cake And More

8th November 2023

Ng Kim Lee Confectionery has traditional bakes in Beauty World

As food moves with the times, traditional bakeries in Singapore are gradually diminishing too. That only means that the significance of these bakeries are becoming more apparent, and every new find tucked away in our neighbourhoods is worth a mention. Cue Ng Kim Lee Confectionery, an old-school bakery with more than 60 years of history.ย 

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Image credit: CK C

You can spot this family-run bakery with ease as itโ€™s situated right outside Exit B of Beauty World MRT Station.

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Out of all the traditional bakes available here, they are best known for their wallet-friendly muffins priced at $0.70 each.ย 

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Image credit: @seizeling

There are 12 flavours to choose from, including Oreo, Mango, Cheese, Banana, Pandan, and Strawberry.

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You can also find classic old-school cakes sold in a whole such as Marble Cake ($13), Butter Cake ($11), and Pandan Chiffon ($10).

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Their Kaya Cake ($1.20) is a steady seller among patrons, and it features a top layer of pandan chiffon cake, and a bottom layer of kueh. Some online reviews point to the fact that the pandan flavour is relatively strong and sweet!

Ng-Kim-Lee-Confectionery-yam-mousse-cake (4)
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You can also find mousse cakes sold in slices here, ranging from Black Forest Mousse Cake ($3) and Blueberry Mousse Cake ($3) to local favourites such as Yam Mousse Cake ($3) and Durian Mousse Cake ($3). Else, you can opt for the modern flavours, including their Burnt Cheesecake ($4.50) and Tiramisu ($4.50).

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Address: 4 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599591
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am to 9pm
Tel: 6466 3515
Ng Kim Lee Confectionery is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from CK C, @seizeling and @neriah.bread

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