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O.Bba Jjajang Express At Woodlands Has Signature Jajangmyeon And More

2nd June 2022

O.Bba Jjajang Express in Woodlands

Before, jjajangmyeon fans, in particular the ones who frequent O.Bbba Jjajang, would have had to head to Tanjong Pagar or Beauty World for their house-made JJM. More than that, they’d also have to contend with the long queues at this popular Korean restaurant. Those days are over, because O.Bba Jjajang Express is now open at Woodlands Koufu HQ Foodcourt!

o.bba jjajang express - jjm and tangsuyuk
Image credit: @o.bba_jjajang_express

O.Bba Jjajang Express is the brand’s first foray into the fast-dining scene, allowing you to simply order that one dish you’re craving without having to pay for service or GST. What’s more, the prices here are lower than what you’d have to pay at the restaurant.

obba jjajangmyeon

Prices here start from $2.50 for two Kimchi or Pork Dumplings, while the star of the show—Jajangmyeon—is priced at a more wallet-friendly $7.50. Considering the same bowl of their handmade noodles costs $13++ at O.Bba Jjajang’s main restaurants, that’s almost half the price!

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If you’d like a sunny-side-up on your jjajangmyeon, opt for Frai Jajangmyeon; otherwise rice fiends can opt for Jajang Bab, which comes with the same black bean sauce on rice. There’s also Gochu Jajangmyeon, where a splash of gochujang, AKA hot pepper paste, is added for a spicy kick. These three dishes would each set you back at $8.50 a serve.

o.bba jjajang jjamppong

The menu doesn’t end there: other bestselling dishes available here include their Jjampong ($9.90) and Tangsuyuk ($13)—the latter of these being Korean-style sweet and sour pork.

As with any Korean stall, there’s your standard Ramen ($6.50), which you can have with Cheese ($7.50) and Kimchi Fried Rice ($8).

Another K-style stall you could head to is Eggciting in Sembawang, which serves affordable egg toasts. Otherwise, Rolling Rice in Marina Square has 10 different types of gimbap and tteokbokki!

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Address: 1 Woodlands Height, #01-02 , Koufu HQ Foodcourt, Singapore 737859
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 9am to 4pm, 5pm to 8pm
O.Bba Jjajang Express is not a halal-certified eatery

Feature image adapted from @kohkoh.krunch_ and @carbspls‘ posts.

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