Pan Ji Cooked Food: Last Hawker In Singapore Selling Handmade Sachima And Old School Snacks
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Pan Ji Cooked Food: Last Hawker In Singapore Selling Handmade Sachima And Old School Snacks

17th August 2021

Sachima and old-school snacks by Pan Ji Cooked Food

As Singapore’s hawker scene continues to evolve, some hawker dishes are at risk of disappearing forever. Pan Ji Cooked Food is one of the names that fall under this umbrella. Run by an elderly hawker, this Chinatown stall has been around since 1983, selling old-school snacks made by hand, including sachima.

pan ji coooked food storefront
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Sachima, also known as honey crackers, is made of fried dough pieces held together with malted sugar syrup. Sold in blocks, these snacks are falling out of fashion with our current generation, especially since quality handmade sachima is hard to come by. Most of the ones you see in traditional bakeries are factory-produced.

pan ji cooked food sachima
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At Pan Ji Cooked Food, each block of sachima is a labour of love, made by hand at the stall. You can get the snack in three sizes: small ($2.80), medium ($5.50), and large ($6.50).

For those who have never tried sachima, these are crispy, airy, and slightly sticky to chew. Addictive thanks to the malted, caramelly sugar, these are also great to enjoy as a teatime snack.

pan ji cooked fod sesame balls
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Apart from sachima, the stall also has other freshly made fried dough snacks for sale. These include the sweet swirls known as Dan San ($1.80), where deep-fried youtiao is twisted and dipped in sugar syrup. There is also Xiao Kou Zao ($4.50), comprising sesame studded dough balls.

pan ji cooked food
Image credit: @jimmyfooddiary

Pan Ji Cooked Food’s business has considerably slowed in light of the multiple dine-in bans enforced to curb COVID-19, so if you’re in the area, do pay them a visit to lend your support.

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Address: 335 Smith Street, #02-78, Chinatown Complex, Singapore 050335
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 3pm

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