Paris Baguette Opens Two-Storey Cafe In 313@Somerset With Beer-Based Cocktails
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Paris Baguette Opens Two-Storey Cafe In 313@Somerset With Beer-Based Cocktails

22nd January 2021

Paris Baguette at 313@Somerset

We last read of Paris Baguette opening at Northpoint City, bringing the bakery chain’s new menu to the North. This January, a duplex outlet—the brand’s biggest—has sprung up in the heart of Orchard Road, in 313@Somerset, taking over the space that used to house Broitzeit.

paris baguette somerset tiger beer cocktails

Central to the menu Paris Baguette Somerset is their brand-new range of Beer-Based Cocktails (from $11), and for the very first time, a range of craft beers from Singapore’s very own Archipelago Brewery. While the beer-based cocktails are only available at the Somerset branch, the craft beers can also be enjoyed at their Jewel outlet.

craft beers

There are four beer-based cocktails on the menu, developed with Tiger Beer, made their Crystal Beer and Paris Baguette’s signature TEATRA teas. You’re served a tall glass with fruits and your choice of tea, or coffee, as well as a can of ice-cold Crystal Beer, which you pour yourself to serve.

The Hadong Green Tea Crystal ($13), our favourite, is a light, fruity blend of TEATRA green tea, fresh green grapes, and mint leaves.

paris baguette somerset tiger beer crystal beer

If bergamot-scented earl grey tea is up your alley, you’ll like Young Earl Grey Crystal ($13), the fizzy bitterness of the beer sprucing up the tea. On the other hand, if you can’t start your day without two bags of tea, the First Breakfast Crystal ($13) takes your daily kickstart on an alcoholic spin.

We found the Cafe Adagio Espresso Crystal ($11) too potent, the bitterness of strong espresso heightened by the beer. It’s an acquired taste, perhaps not for everyone.

paris baguette cny cookies

Just in time for CNY, Paris Baguette has also got a new range of cookies: Royal Choco Macadamia Cookie, Royal White Macadamia Cookie, Royal Double Choco Cookie, and Royal Orange & White Choco Cookie. Each jar is priced at $16.80, with promotions for four jars at $58, and six for $88. You’ll also get a free, limited edition tote bag if you purchase six jars!

paris baguette cny bakes

They’ve also got The King’s Roll Cake ($15.90) and The Queen’s Pound Cake ($16.90), two new cakes that round up this royal series of bakes. The former is made with premium French Igsiny butter, cream, and azuki paste, while the latter is baked with mango chunks and pineapple jam.

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paris baguette somerset store front

This new Paris Baguette outlet in Somerset seats a total of 80, split between its two levels. If you prefer an al fresco dining experience and people-watching, go for a table on the first floor. Sitting here would give you a front-row seat to the throngs of people walking into the popular mall.

paris baguette second floor

Opt for a table on the second level, which is only accessible through the bakery’s entrance on the ground floor, if you’d like a bit of peace and quiet. Getting a seat here also allows you to watch the kitchen staff preparing their cakes and bakes via a glass window.

If Orchard Road is too crowded for you, Paris Baguette is also set to open at the end of this month at NEX too! While you’re at Somerset, check out Menbaka Ramen, or head to Mel Pot for desserts!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #01-27, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Sun-Thur 10am to 10:30pm, Fri-Sat 10am to 11pm
Tel: 6509 4802
Paris Baguette is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Nur Syamira
This was a media tasting at Paris Baguette.

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