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Park Backerei Review: SG’s First German Pretzel Bakery Opens In Tanjong Pagar

25th August 2023

Park Backerei has legit German pretzels in Tanjong Pagar


Though it’s not exactly hard to find pretzels in Singapore—the many Auntie Anne’s outlets come to mind—authentic German pretzels are the opposite. Park Backerei, which recently opened in Tanjong Pagar’s Icon Village, looks poised to fill that gap. It is said to be “Singapore’s first German pretzel bakery”, offering true German pretzels as well as other fresh bakes.


Park Backerei began as a home-based business by German native Dennis von Berlepsch and his wife Jane Lee Richard, and its success led to the opening of this physical store. Curious to see how good those pretzels are, we dropped by the bakery ourselves.

Food at Park Backerei


If we are going to assess how legit the pretzels here are, we have to start with the OG. As such, the Plain Pretzel ($3.90++ per piece, $10.80++ for three pieces) was the first treat we tried, and it was immediately apparent that this wasn’t the American-style pretzel most are familiar with. It was a Swabian pretzel from Southwest Germany, which is marked by skinnier ends and a plump ‘belly’.


Soft, chewy, and slightly salty, we could tell how fresh it was. The textural contrast between the thinner arms and thicker bottom of the pretzel was really enjoyable, and its slightly uneven shape was proof that it was handcrafted.


Next, we tried the Cheese Pretzel ($4.50++ per piece, $12.60++ for three pieces), which gave the Swabian pretzel a cheesy twist. As you’d expect, the cheddar cheese adds a nice savouriness to the otherwise only mildly salty pretzels. This is one for those who prefer stronger flavours.


There are various condiments that are great for dipping the pretzel into, but perhaps none is better than something traditional: the smooth and mildly tangy Frischkäse ($3++), combines cream cheese, sour cream, onions, and chives.


If you like your food as cute as it is delicious, try the Karamel Igel ($4.40++ per piece, $8.40++ for two pieces).


It’s made to look like a hedgehog, and upon biting into it, the treat revealed its caramel core. That core was fragrant and sweet, but not overly so, while its exterior was fluffy and soft. A very well-balanced treat overall.


Park Backerei also has a few stuffed bagels, but none caught our eye more than the Red Velvet Coconut ($7.50++).

This ring of red was covered with coconut flakes, and within it was a layer of red velvet cake. It’s certainly an interesting bagel, but we thought the red velvet filling on the inside wasn’t as tasty as it could’ve been. I did, however, enjoy the chewiness of the bagel, which contrasted nicely with the softer red velvet filling.


Finally, we tried some of Park Backerei’s hearty sandwiches, the best of which was the Sausage Kraut ($15.90++).


Smoked bratwurst—a type of German sausage—was the central ingredient here. It was accompanied by crispy fried onions, apple-caraway sauerkraut, and mustard aioli. The flavours melded harmoniously, with the bratwurst adding a smoky, meaty goodness while the other ingredients imparted tart and tangy notes to balance everything out. And the cherry on top was the bread itself, which was fresh and fluffy.

Ambience at Park Backerei

This isn’t really the best environment for slowly enjoying treats over a cup of coffee—the dining area can only seat up to 32 people, and can be quite crammed. To be fair to Park Backerei, however, it seems that the focus is to be a bakery first, an eatery second. If comfort is important to you, you could simply order for takeaway and enjoy the food in your own abode.

The verdict

Park Backerei makes genuinely good pretzels, and its other bakes and sandwiches are solid, too. If you want to try what a legit German pretzel tastes like, this is one place you should check out.

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Address: 12 Gopeng Street, #01-41/42/52/53, Singapore 078877
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 3pm, Sat 8am to 2pm
Tel: 8756 2029
Park Backerei is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
This was a media tasting at Park Backerei.

Park Backerei Review: SG’s 1st German Pretzel Bakery With Cheese Pretzel And Red Velvet Bagel
  • 7.5/10
    Park Backerei Review: SG’s 1st German Pretzel Bakery With Cheese Pretzel And Red Velvet Bagel - 7.5/10


– All bakes are fresh and well-crafted
– Pretzels were authentic and delicious
– Sausage Kraut sandwich was hearty and flavourful

– Red Velvet Coconut was a little disappointing
– Lack of seats in dining area

Recommended dishes: Plain Pretzel ($3.90++ per piece, $10.80++ for three pieces), Cheese Pretzel ($4.50++ per piece, $12.60++ for three pieces), Sausage Kraut ($15.90++)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 3pm, Sat 8am to 2pm

Address: 12 Gopeng Street, #01-41/42/52/53, Singapore 078877

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