Playmade Now Has Coconut Smoothie, Coconut Boba And More For a Limited Time Only
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Playmade Now Has Coconut Smoothie, Coconut Boba And More For a Limited Time Only

26th October 2021

Playmade Coconut Bobastic Series 

coconut bobatastic
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Playmade, a Taiwanese bubble tea brand known for its creative tea concoctions and unique handmade pearls, has recently launched a coconut series. It features drinks such as Coconut Milk Tea (from $4.80), Coconut Smoothie ($4.90), and even Coconut Boba ($1.10). Excluding the outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall, these coconut beverages are available at all Playmade stalls in Singapore. 

coconut smoothis
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Purists can go straight for the Coconut Smoothie. This appears to be a thick, slushie-like beverage, which looks similar to the coconut shake that’s all the rage right now. 

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coconut tea
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If you are feeling adventurous, go for the unique coconut with tea options. Instead of the typical coconut shake with matcha, Playmade offers Coconut Milk Tea, Coconut Tea Smoothie (from $5), and Coconut Tea (from $5.10)

playmade coconut milk tea
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Don’t forget to add on Coconut Boba when you order your BBT. Playmade is known for their pearls, so seasonal flavours such as these coconut-spiked ones shouldn’t be missed! As with all their handmade pearls, you can expect a chewy texture with a mild flavour. 

Do note that this coconut series is a seasonal special, so it may only be available for a limited time only. We don’t know how long the drinks will be on the menu, so get yours ASAP if you want to have a taste. 

playmade pink cactus
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Other seasonal specials that you should check out include their Pink Cactus Float series. Just like a root beer float, Playmade’s Pink Cactus Float comes with a green tea ($5.80) or milk tea ($6.60) base, mixed with their homemade pink cactus popsicle. Otherwise, you can also enjoy the Pink Cactus Berries with White Boba popsicle ($3.90) on its own. 

If you are looking for more bubble tea options, check out Cing Tea, a famed night market Taiwanese BBT brand that has just opened at Icon Village. For more coconut beverages, check out our coconut shake guide, which includes taro-flavour drinks, cold brew and more. 

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Full list of locations 

Feature image adapted from @playmadeonezo and @zieats‘s post.

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