Playmade Has Pink Cactus Berries With White Boba Ice Cream, Sold At FairPrice Finest
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Playmade Has Pink Cactus Berries With White Boba Ice Cream, Sold At FairPrice Finest

10th December 2020

Playmade pink cactus ice cream

Playmade has recently wowed us with the comeback of its coveted Grape Yakult bubble tea, as well as their newly launched Horlicks Milk Tea with handmade cocoa boba. Now, the Taiwanese bubble tea brand is upping the ante with their new Pink Cactus with White Boba ice cream.

playmade ice cream singapore

This is the first time Playmade has launched a different product other than bubble tea in Southeast Asia.

Sold in popsicle form, these creamy treats nod to their signature Pink Cactus pearl flavour, though this time, the floral ingredient becomes the star. Better known as dessert apple, the fruit is native to Taiwan, and has a striking pink flesh that gives the ice cream its IG-worthy look.

Each popiscle has magneta swirls with milky streaks, and is finished with a serving of Playmade’s classic white boba to make every bite QQ.

playmade ice cream

On the taste, these both fruity and floral, great for fans of refreshing sorbets or milder flavours like butterfly pea vanilla and earl grey found commonly at ice cream and waffles cafes in Singapore.

A box of popsicles retails at $12.90, with four sticks within, sold exclusively at NTUC FairPrice Finest supermarkets islandwide.

To get a deal off the price, purchase a drink at any Playmade outlet in Singapore and receive a $2 off voucher for a purchase of two boxes.

For more cold sweet treats outside of the Playmade Pink Cactus with White Boba ice cream, check out Happy Ice for their new taro and brown sugar bubble tea ice cream bars.

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There is also Pints & Cones, an ice cream parlour in Serangoon with thyme waffles to pair with every scoop. Another favourite of ours is Bloom Artisan in Yishun. The dessert cafe sells sourdough waffles and unique ice cream flavours like Whiskey Cran-cherry and Wheatmilk.

Bloom Artisan Review: Gelato Cafe With Sourdough Waffles And Unique Flavours Such As Wheatmilk In Yishun

Full list of outlets

Featured image adapted from @vivienneeluv.

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