Popeyes’ World Renowned Chicken Sandwich Arrives In Singapore
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Popeyes’ World Renowned Chicken Sandwich Arrives In Singapore

14th September 2020

Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich in Singapore from 16 September

It’s the sandwich that took America by storm when it was launched in 2019. Popeyes USA sold out its entire stock of Chicken Sandwiches within two weeks of its release in August last year. Americans spent as many as four hours in line just to get their hands on this burger, and things even turned ugly for one man who jumped the queue. 

Popeyes Chicken SandwichImage credit: @popeyeslouisianakitchen

This September, this famed burger makes its way to Singapore for a limited time. From 16 September to 14 October 2020, it will grace the menus of Popeyes Singapore with its presence, and we can see for ourselves what the fuss was all about.

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The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich drove Americans wild. Here’s what goes into it.

Popeyes Chicken SandwichImage credit: @popeyeslouisianakitchen

It’s a chicken thigh that’s marinated for at least 12 hours before it’s battered in buttermilk, breaded by hand and fried to perfection. This recipe took a reported two years to fine-tune, with a whole new buttermilk batter recipe and the use of a special flour for that fine crunchy texture.

If that wasn’t enough, that crispy chicken thigh is slathered with a secret spicy sauce and layered with pickles, then sandwiched between toasted brioche buns. 

Popeyes Chicken SandwichImage credit: @weeteck

Get your hands on the Chicken Sandwich with Cajun fries and a Pepsi for $7.90 at any Popeyes near you. Or skip the lines and have it in the comfort of your home. Order yourself a Sandwich Solo Meal ($10.90), which gets you a Chicken Sandwich, fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and Pepsi. Do note that only limited quantities are available for sale every day.

Popeyes Chicken SandwichImage credit: @popeyeslouisianakitchen

Serena Williams had a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich for her second wedding anniversary, Cardi B got herself one, and Justin Bieber offered his two cents on the burger. If it’s good enough for them, we’re getting in line too.

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