Queic: New Cafe By Olivia Restaurant Selling Famous Basque Cheesecake And Cheese Macaron
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Queic: New Cafe By Olivia Restaurant Selling Famous Basque Cheesecake And Cheese Macaron

26th October 2021

Queic cafe at Outram

Burnt cheesecakes - Olivia Restaurant and Co

Over the weekend, Olivia Restaurant & Lounge opened the doors to their newest venture, Queic, serving an exclusive range of cheesy desserts, including the famed Olivia Burnt Cheesecake (from $16).

queic - cheese tart
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The Olivia Burnt Cheesecake here comes in a smaller, four-inch tart instead of the usual slice that’s found at the restaurant. It includes a combination of blue cheese and cream cheese on an almond tart base, along with a clever and skillful control of heat in the oven, to produce a gently burnt surface and a molten core that liquefies into bliss on your tongue. 

While blue cheese might be a divisive ingredient, this sweet-savoury treat will surely win the votes of most.

queic - interior
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The benches are connected and painted in shades of yellow, giving us a cheesecake-madhouse vibe. This goes hand in hand with their wide array of cheesy desserts, ranging from their cocoa-centric Olivia Chocolate Cheesecake (from $17) to an XXL American Cheesecake Macaron ($12).

queic - cheese macaron
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The larger-than-usual cheesecake macaron encases a crunchy and nutty shell, embellished with creamy cheese as well as a surprise fruity compote of yuzu and orange in the centre. Meanwhile, the chocolate cheesecake features the same decadent flavours and textures as the original cheesecake, this time with an added note of bittersweet chocolate.

queic - display
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There are also more of the less dressy, but equally classic desserts such as the New York Cheesecake (from $10) and Idiazabal Cheesecake (from $10). Head down early, as there have already been mentions of the cheesecakes selling out fast. 

They will be introducing even more items in the next few weeks, so be sure to visit their cafe at Kreta Ayer Road ASAP! I just hope that there’s going to be ice cream, as Chef Alain Devahive of Olivia Restaurant believes “there is no better way to end a meal” than with desserts related to gelato.

If you’re looking for more cafes with sweet treats, check out our Butterspace Bakery review for ice cream sandwiches served till 2am daily, or our Glacier review for mochi waffles and matcha babkas available till 1am on weekends.

Address: 41 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089003
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am to 7pm
Quiec is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @iris.nihao and @saltyaaron.

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