Seng Heng Braised Duck: Long Queue Duck Noodles That Sell Out By 9AM Daily
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Seng Heng Braised Duck: Long Queue Duck Noodles That Sell Out By 9AM Daily

9th May 2022

Seng Heng Braised Duck Noodles at Redhill

Visit Redhill Food Centre in the wee hours of the morning and you’ll likely spot a long queue in front of Seng Heng Braised Duck. This stall specialises in duck noodles, and is a firm favourite with residents in the area. Their signature dish is so popular that the stall only operates for one and a half hours daily, opening at 7:30am, and selling out by 9am.

seng heng braised duck
Image credit: @tengcckc

Queues start nearly half an hour before the stall opensโ€”a testament to its popularity, despite duck noodles not being the most “breakfast-y” of dishes. A bowl is priced from $4, and comes with your choice of kway teow or yellow noodles, served with soup or dry. You can add on offal such as gizzard to your order too.

seng heng braised duck noodles redhill
Image credit: @tengcckc

The real hero here is the braised duck. Each morsel is tender, laced with fatty, well-rendered skin. There’s no gaminess at all. Instead, the aromatics from the braising liquid have permeated the meat to flavourful ends.

seng heng redhill
Image credit: @jimmyfooddiary

Choose to have your duck noodles with soup, and you get noodles served in a light, herbal soup. Else, ask for dry, and get your noodles lashed with shallot oil, fried shallot bits, and chilli powder, as well as bits of coriander for zing.

The next time you’re considering a unique breakfast, head down to Seng Heng Braised Duck in Redhill for your fix.

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Address: Blk 85 Redhill Lane, #01-28, Redhill Food Centre, Singapore 150085
Opening hours: Mon-Tue 7:30am to 9:30am, Wed-Sat 7:30am to 10:30am

Featured image adapted from @jimmyfooddiary and @tengcckc.

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